Rosslyn Neighbourhood Photo

The skyscrapers of Rosslyn define Arlington’s majestic skyline. With towering office buildings and luxury condominiums, this urban village has been at the cutting edge of development. It’s home to some of Arlington’s most recognizable office buildings, like the Twin Towers buildings, as well as high-rise apartments and condos, and a mix of smaller buildings. Just across the Key Bridge from Washington, D.C., Rosslyn is the gateway to Arlington and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Two decades ago, planners envisioned Rosslyn as a competitive first-class urban center with superior architecture and excellent urban design. Today, that vision has been realized. Rosslyn is a thriving commercial center and many well known businesses have offices here, including The Boeing Company, Raytheon and WJLA-TV. Rosslyn contains more than 8.4 million sq. ft. of office space, 580,000 sq. ft. of retail, and 2,140 hotel rooms. An estimated 12,800 residents reside in 8,600 residential units.

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Historic Sites

  • George Washington Memorial Parkway
  • Key Bridge