Historic Places in Arlington

Our history – the people, places and events that helped shape the physical and architectural development and character of Arlington – is still visible today in our local historic districts, National Register sites and historical markers. Thousands of properties also have been identified and surveyed as part of the multi-phase, countywide Historic Architectural Survey.

Local Historic Districts

Glebe House

Arlington designates local historic districts to help preserve these important remnants of our community’s heritage, development and cultural history. Our districts include many well-known landmarks, like Fort Ethan Allen, Glebe House, Green Valley Pharmacy, Hume School and Calloway Cemetery.

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National Historic Places

The Pentagon

Arlington has more than 70 historic buildings, sites and neighborhoods listed in the National Register of Historic Places, including the former home of famous Civil War General Robert E. Lee, the largest defense housing complex of its kind and many of Arlington’s oldest homes, schools and churches.

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Historic Resources Inventory

Buckingham Apartments

The first phase of a comprehensive survey completed in 2011 identified nearly 400 historic garden apartments, shopping centers and commercial buildings constructed before 1955. This groundbreaking effort ranked all of the historic buildings according to their historical and architectural significance.

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Historical Markers

Bruner Marker

More than 80 historical markers throughout our community recognize important places throughout the centuries, from early dwellings and Civil War forts, to more modern history that includes ARPANET, where the technology for creating the Internet was developed, and the parking garage where Watergate source “Deep Throat” met with reporter Bob Woodward.

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Historic Preservation Easements

Wakefield courtyard interior

Arlington County manages an active easement portfolio. The properties under historic preservation easements include garden apartments, commercial businesses, a cemetery, and historic facades.

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