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Vehicle Property Tax Changes
Arlington’s tax system will be updated with the changes that the County Board enacted with the adoption of the FY 2023 budget.  Specifically, the changes provide tax relief by adjusting the assessment tax ratio to 88% of a car’s value (based upon J.D. Power Clean Loan) and eliminating the local motor vehicle license fee which ranges from $18 to $33 (depending on vehicle type).  The vehicle personal property tax bills that will be mailed in August will reflect these changes. 

If you have already paid your 2022 vehicle taxes, you will receive a refund automatically; there is no additional action required by you to receive the refund.  We currently anticipate that refunds will be mailed in June but will continue to provide updates as information becomes available. 

Be sure to follow this link to see an informative summary of changes from the FY 2023 County budget - Adopted-FY-2023-Budget-Infographic.pdf(PDF, 136KB)

(Updated May 2, 2022)

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