Historical Markers

Historic Markers in Arlington

More than 100 historical markers throughout our community recognize important places throughout the centuries. Our markers cover early dwellings and Civil War forts to more modern history that includes ARPANET, where the technology for creating the Internet was developed, and the parking garage where Watergate source “Deep Throat” met with reporter Bob Woodward.

How Markers Are Made

There are two kinds of markers created by the Historic Preservation Program (HPP): more traditional, metal markers with text only and tabletop markers which include text and photographs. Requests for historic markers can be made with the HPP for the following categories:

Sites and Structures (extant or demolished)

  • Sites could be buildings, open spaces such as parks or cemeteries, neighborhoods, and/or natural resources.
  • Structures could include any variety of manmade objects that are not buildings, such as bridges, industrial elements, art installations, etc.


  • Occurrences with a representative location, such as protest marches, festivals, incidents, outdoor speeches, etc.


  • An individual person or group of people either with or without an association to a specific site, structure, or event.

If, upon review of the marker request, the HPP staff determines that a historic marker is merited, feasible, and within the purview of the HPP’s educational outreach goals, then the request is added to the current queue of markers under development by the program. It typically takes six (6) months or longer to develop, approve, and fabricate a new historic marker.

Upon completion of a draft design, the marker is presented at a public hearing to the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) for its feedback and consideration. Once the HALRB approves the draft marker, the HPP staff finalizes it, selects a production company, submits the marker for production, and arranges for the installation of the marker. Typically, historic marker installations do not involve a formal unveiling ceremony. The HPP staff continuously update marker applicants on the status of their requested marker’s development throughout the process.

Historical Markers in Arlington 

Note: This cumulative list does NOT include Virginia Stat Highway Markers, those markers sponsored by County departments outside of the Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development, or historic markers completed as part of privately initiated and/or developer-funded projects such as with site plans, Form Based Code projects, etc. 

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