1300 and 1305 N. Pierce St. – Marbella Apartments


The 92,862 sq. ft. (2.13 acres) site is located at 1300 and 1305 North Pierce Street, in the Radnor/Fort Myer Heights neighborhood north of Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall. The site is comprised of two non-contiguous properties on the east and west sides of North Pierce Street that are occupied by Marbella Apartments, an existing low-rise garden-style apartment complex. The site is bordered by North Queen Street to the west and North Ode Street to the east, and several low- and mid-rise multifamily residential buildings surround the site.,    View Map

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This reports the status related to the Site Plan Review Process only (Administrative Regulations 4.1).

About the Project

Site Plan #463 

The applicant, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH), proposes to redevelop the site (“Marbella Apartments”) and construct two new multifamily residential towers with a senior housing component and 100% of the units committed as Affordable Dwelling Units.

Additional project details include:

  • New multifamily residential development consisting of:
    • Phase 1: 12-story tower with 325 residential units (with 132 units dedicated to senior housing) and 163 below-grade parking spaces
    • Phase 2: 12-story tower with 236 residential units and 118 below-grade parking spaces
  • Proposed modifications for:
    • Bonus height
    • Bonus density
    • Density exclusions
    • Required residential parking (0.5 spaces per unit)
  • Site plan improvements and public amenities, including:
    • Affordable housing commitment
    • Earthcraft Gold certification
    • Public Art contribution
    • Utility Fund contribution
    • Streetscape improvements

Applicant Materials

September 2021

December 2021

January 2022

Public Process

  • This project will undergo public review via a virtual Site Plan Review Process. Learn more.
  • The SPRC Chair for the site plan review process is: Daniel Weir
Timeline Milestone / Meeting Materials
September 1, 2021 Site Plan Acceptance  
September 2021 Site Plan Review Kickoff
October 4 - October 13, 2021 Online Engagement Opportunity
October 18, 2021


Walking Tour

Meet on site at 1301 N. Queen Street near the leasing office (corner of Queen Street and Arlington Boulevard)

October 25, 2021


View meeting recording 
Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting (Virtual)

Agenda Topics: affordable housing; building transition to lower density residential; and building architecture


November 22, 2021

View meeting recording 

Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting (Virtual)
Agenda Topics: project updates; open space, tree canopy and landscaping; streetscapes and pedestrian experience; parking; and community benefits and sustainability  

February 3, 2022 Planning Commission Meeting  
February 12, 2022 County Board Meeting  

*Process timelines are subject to change as needs arise. Check back for updates.


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