1601 Fairfax Drive – Inn of Rosslyn


The 0.47-acre site is located off Fairfax Drive, immediately south of the Union on Queen apartments. To the east (across North Pierce Street) are the Williamsburg apartments, and the west (across North Queen Street) are the Rahill Apartments. The site is currently developed with the Inn of Rosslyn hotel which was constructed in 1957 and contains 38 units. The hotel building is ranked in the Important Top Third category of the Historic Resources Inventory. Surface parking is provided, with access from North Pierce Street and Fairfax Drive., Arlington, VA 22209  View Map

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Under Review

This reports the status related to the Site Plan Review Process only (Administrative Regulations 4.1). 

About the Project



The applicant, Monument Realty, proposes the demolition of an existing motel building for the development of a new 8-story multifamily residential building. The proposal consists of 141 units with approximately 126,129 sf of residential gross floor area (6.11 FAR)

Additional project details include:

  • 88 parking spaces (0.63 spaces/unit) located in an underground garage
  • LEED Gold (0.35 FAR-level)

Proposed modifications for:

  • Additional density
  • Reduced residential parking ratio
  • Increased compact parking percentage
  • Density exclusions

Applicant Materials

Public Process

Timeline  Milestone / Meeting  Materials 
February 6, 2023  Site Plan Acceptance 
March 2023  Site Plan Review Kick-Off 
April 11-24, 2023

Online Engagement Opportunity 

Review focus: Land Use & Density; Site Layout; Building Form & Height; Architecture & Historic Preservation; Transportation; Open Space & Landscaping; Community Benefits




Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting

Topics: TBD


Transportation Commission

Public Hearing


Planning Commission

Public Hearing


Housing Commission

Public Hearing


County Board

Public Hearing

*Process timelines are subject to change as needs arise. Check back for updates.

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