1555 Wilson Blvd.


The 118,311 sq. ft. site (2.72 acres) is located in West Rosslyn on a portion of the super block generally bounded by 18th Street North to the north, North Oak Street to the east, Wilson Boulevard to the south, and North Quinn Street to the west., Arlington, VA 22209  View Map

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Rendering of building

This project was approved by the County Board on Feb. 25, 2017. Read the meeting minutes with approved site plan conditions (Item #27).

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About the Project

Site Plan #445

The applicant, West Rosslyn Development Company, LLC (Penzance) has submitted a site plan application to redevelop the site of an existing commercial office building at 1555 Wilson Blvd. and Fire Station No. 10 and Rosslyn Highlands Park located at 1559 Wilson Blvd.  The development proposal includes both land owned by the applicant (1555 Wilson Blvd.) and land owned by Arlington County.  Under ground lease to the Applicant and specific terms of a Development Agreement with the County, the Applicant would incorporate into its development of the subject site, construction of a new fire station and public park among other things.  The proposed site plan is submitted in line with a public-private partnership between the County and the applicant in fulfillment of commitment to joint redevelopment of the subject properties in order to leverage private development as a means to offset the costs to the County of constructing a new Fire Station 10 and a redeveloped Rosslyn Highlands Park.

The applicant proposes to rezone the properties from “C-2”, “C-3”, “S3-A” and “RA6-15” to “C-O” to permit construction of two new multiple family buildings with ground floor retail and Fire Station 10.  The buildings would be bisected by an extension of North Pierce Street through the site and frame the new Rosslyn Highlands Park.  Additional information regarding the development is below:

East Building

  • 561 dwelling units
  • 18,500 sq. ft. retail
  • Fire Station 10
  • 27 stories (270 ft.)

West Building

  • 331 dwelling units
  • 6,700 sq. ft. retail
  • 23 stories (240 ft.)

Below Grade Parking (total spaces: 1,050)

  • 714 residential use spaces
  • 44 retail use spaces
  • 168 flexible use spaces
  • 24 fire station spaces
  • 100 school use spaces

Summary of Events and Future Actions

Events Leading to Submission

The following is a chronological series of events and County Board actions leading to the submission of the proposed site plan application:

January 2013

County Board and Penzance Properties, LLC execute a Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding a purchase and sale agreement, and a ground lease or other such agreement for a potential public-private partnership to consolidate, subdivide, and redevelop the properties at 1555 and 1559 Wilson Boulevard with a mixed-use project comprised of commercial, residential retail, and civic uses and a public park.

June 2014

County Board initiates the West Rosslyn Area Planning Study (WRAPS) to consider potential development scenarios for the western area of Rosslyn Metro Station.

July 21, 2015

Western Rosslyn Area Plan (WRAP) adopted by the County Board, setting forth a vision and a framework for implementation of a public-private partnership that would afford the opportunity to "rebuild three civic uses – a fire station, school and park – clustered together around new private residential, retail and office development..." (WRAP, page 2).

July 21, 2016

West Rosslyn Area Development Ground Lessee, LLC and affiliate of Penzance enters a ground lease with the County Board of its property to facilitate and outline the terms of the coordinated redevelopment of its property at 1555 Wilson Blvd. and the County's property.

November 5, 2016

County Board and Penzance enter into a Development Agreement to establish the terms and conditions for the design and construction of certain improvements for the benefit of the County on the 1555 and 1559 Wilson Blvd. properties.

Future Actions Required by Board

The following are future actions required by the County Board with respect to the Development Agreement:

  • Reciprocal Easements Agreement (REA)
  • Use Permit for Fire Station 10
  • Firehouse Lease Agreement
  • Use Permit for Rosslyn Highlands Park

Anticipated Site Plan Review Schedule*

Meeting Date Time Location
Site Plan Review Committee Jan. 9, 2017 7:00 - 8:25 p.m. Courthouse Plaza 109/110 (Cherry & Dogwood)
Transportation Commission Feb. 2017 7:00 p.m. County Board Room
Planning Commission Feb. 2017 7:00 p.m. County Board Room
County Board Feb. 2017 7:00 p.m. County Board Room

*Dates above are subject to change pending the status and outcome of the project's review.

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