1900 Fort Myer Drive – Rosslyn Holiday Inn


The 73,206 sq. ft. site is bounded by Lee Highway (north), North Nash Street (east) and Fort Myer Drive (west)., Arlington, VA 22209  View Map

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This project was approved by the County Board on Sept. 24, 2019.

About the Project

Site Plan #79

The applicant, Rosslyn Syndicate, LC, proposes new construction of a 732,600 sq. ft. building containing two towers of 26 and 38 stories. This building will consist of 327 hotel units, 490 residential units and 13,465 sq. ft. of civic or retail space.

Additional project details include:

  • Request to rezone the site from “C-O, S3-A” to “C-O Rosslyn”
  • Request for vacation of 20th Street North
  • Proposed below and above-grade parking containing 858 spaces
  • Proposed LEED Gold certification
  • Proposed modifications for:
    • Additional density per C-O-Rosslyn
    • Density exclusions
    • Parking ratio
    • Lot coverage
    • Front yard setbacks
    • Residential use standards

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