2201 Arlington Blvd. – The Arva


The approximately 2.38 acre site is located in the Pershing Drive Special Land Use Study area. The site is bordered by Arlington Boulevard (east), Fairfax Drive (north), North Wayne Street (west) and the Washington-Lee Apartments (south)., Arlington, VA 22209  View Map

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Under Review

This reports the status related to the Site Plan Review Process only (Administrative Regulations 4.1). 

About the Project



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The applicant proposes to demolish the existing motel and construct a mixed use building with approximately 251 dwelling units and approximately 2,900 square feet of ground floor retail, with a maximum height of eight (8) stories. To accomplish this development the applicant proposes:

  • A change in the General Land Use Plan designation for the site  from “Service Commercial” and “Low-Medium Residential” to “Low Office-Apartment-Hotel";
  • A proposed rezoning from “C-2” and “RA6-15” to “C-O-1.5”; and

A Site plan, with requested modifications to the zoning ordinance regarding parking requirements, and for additional density through a combination of achieving LEED Gold certification for the site and other provisions as permitted by the Zoning Ordinance (e.g., provisions for public open space, affordable housing, etc.). 

Additional project details include:

  • Site Plan infrastructure and improvements include:
    • A public open space;
    • Underground Utility fund contribution;
    • Affordable housing contribution or on-site affordable units;
    • Streetscape improvements;
    • On-site Public art or contribution to public art in the neighborhood;
    • Proposed LEED Gold certification.

Applicant Materials

October 2022

Public Process

  • This project will undergo public review via a virtual Site Plan Review Process. Learn more.
  • The SPRC Chair for the site plan review process is: Tenley Peterson
Timeline  Milestone / Meeting  Materials 
October 7, 2022  Site Plan Acceptance 
November 1, 2022  Site Plan Review Process Kick-off 
November 22 – December 5, 2022  Online Engagement Opportunity 
TBD  Site Plan Review Committee Meeting #1   
TBD  Site Plan Review Committee Meeting #2   
TBD  Planning Commission Meeting   
TBD  County Board Meeting   

*Process timelines are subject to change as needs arise. Check back for updates.

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