1616 Fort Myer Drive – Xerox Site


The approximately 59,000 sq. ft. site is located in the Rosslyn Coordinated Redevelopment District. The site is bordered by Fort Myer Drive (east), Fairfax Drive (south), the Belvedere Condominiums (west) and an office tower (north).,    View Map

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On Hold


This reports the status related to the Site Plan Review Process only (Administrative Regulations 4.1). 

About the Project 


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The applicant proposes to construct a 31-story, 290-foot-tall residential building with 647,746 square feet of residential gross floor area with a 9.95 Floor Area Ratio. To accomplish this development the applicant proposes: (1) a rezoning from C-O to C-O-Rosslyn, and (2) a major site plan amendment to SP #85, with requested modifications to the zoning ordinance regarding parking requirements, requested exclusions of certain areas from counting as Gross Floor Area, additional density.

  • Applicant Overview of the Proposal (TBD)
  • Staff Presentation on Background and Zoning (TBD)

Additional project details include:

  • Site Plan infrastructure and improvements include:
    • Underground Utility fund contribution;
    • Affordable housing contribution or on-site affordable units;
    • Streetscape improvements;
    • On-site Public art or contribution to public art in Rosslyn;
    • Proposed LEED Gold certification.

Applicant Materials

Public Process

  • This project will undergo public review via a virtual Site Plan Review Process. Learn more.
  • The SPRC Chair for the site plan review process is: Nia Bagley
Timeline Milestone / Meeting Materials
January 31, 2022 Site Plan Acceptance
TBD Site Plan Review Kickoff  
TBD Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting (Virtual)
  • TBD
TBD Planning Commission Meeting 
TBD County Board Meeting  

*Process timelines are subject to change as needs arise. Check back for updates.

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