Neighborhood Complete Streets Projects

About the program

The NCS program undertakes a variety of project types, including smaller, quick-build projects using temporary or tactical measures and full-scale, capital projects that undergo detailed engineering design and construction. Tactical projects may later become capital projects. All NCS projects apply the County Board-approved 6 Step Guide to Public Engagement.

Capital Projects

In planning

  • N. Oakland Street from 6th Road N. to 5th Street N. and from 5th Street N. to Pershing Drive in Ashton Heights
  • 8th Road N. from N. Kensington Street to N. Jefferson Street in Bluemont

In design

  • S. Irving Street from 6th Street S. to 7th Street S. in Arlington Heights
  • 8th Road S. from S. Dinwiddie Street and S. Frederick Street in Arlington Mill
  • 14th Street N. from N. Ohio Street and N. McKinley Road in Highland Park Overlee Knolls
  • S. Irving Street from 2nd Street S. to 6th Street S. in Arlington Heights
  • 28th Street S. from S. Meade Street to 26th Street S. in Long Branch Creek 

In construction

  • No projects in active construction



Pilot Projects

In planning

Shared Street Pilot Projects