13th St S from S Walter Reed Dr to S Glebe Rd Improvements


13th Street South from South Walter Reed Drive to South Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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In June 2022, construction was completed. The project focused on the section of 13th Street South between South Walter Reed Drive and South Highland Street.

The project included the installation of curb and gutter on both the north and south sides of 13th Street South  as well as the construction of a new 5-foot sidewalk on the north side of the street. Improvements also included construction of new ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, new driveway aprons, and the reconstruction and repaving of 13th Street South. Updated pavement markings and signage were also installed as part of the project.

About the Project

13th Street South was nominated for improvements by the Neighborhood Complete Streets (NCS) program in 2017. The location was initially selected for a pilot project using tactical traffic control methods, but when scoping efforts began, staff found more extensive changes are needed. The Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission agreed to elevate the project to a capital project. Following a period of public engagement, scoping and preliminary design, the commission recommended approval of the project at their July 8, 2020, Funding Hearing. The project was approved by the County Board on July 21, 2020.

Revised Concept Plan

Staff considered the feedback received from the public and adjacent property owners, existing utility conflicts, and the need for multiple permanent easements when evaluating the proposed project plans. A revised version of Concept 1 was presented to the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission for their consideration at their March 2020 meeting.

Proposed Concept Plans

The primary goal of the project is to provide a complete sidewalk on one side of the street, including ADA accessible ramps and improved markings at intersections. County staff prepared two preliminary concepts for public feedback.

Both preliminary concepts would:

  • Include improved signage and markings at the intersections within the project boundaries
  • Improve the curb ramps at the intersection of South Highland Street
  • Likely include repaving the street from South Walter Reed Drive to South Irving Street

Concept 1

Provides a sidewalk on the north side of 13th Street from Walter Reed Drive to South Highland Street. Retains “shoulder” parking on the south side of the street. Pedestrians would cross the street at South Highland to continue walking toward South Irving and South Glebe Road.

View Concept 1(JPG, 124KB)

Concept 2

Provides a continuous sidewalk on the south side of 13th Street from Walter Reed Drive to South Highland Street. This would continue the existing sidewalk on the south side of 13th Street between South Highland Street and South Glebe Road.

View Concept 2(PNG, 539KB)

Public Process

The Neighborhood Complete Streets program is committed to creating a customized public engagement plan for each NCS project. This allows staff and the NCSC to adjust the engagement to the nature, scope and scale of each project, as well as to consider the stakeholder communities involved.

The process has included the following:

  • Oct. 18, 2021 – Project update(PDF, 2MB) presented to Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission
  • March 15, 2021 – Project update presented to the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission
  • July 21, 2020 - approved by the County Board (View meeting video - see Board action at 6:25)
  • July 8, 2020 - The Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission voted unanimously to recommend this project at their first ever Funding Hearing (View meeting video)
  • Dec. 10, 2019 - Project open house at Arlington Mill Community Center
  • Nov. 25, 2019 - Presentation at Douglas Park Civic Association meeting
  • September 2019 - NCSC directed staff to begin public engagement on three capital projects, including 13th Street South
  • June 2019 - NCS Ranked Project List finalized
  • February 2019 - NCSC proceeds with 13th Street South Pilot Project
  • Spring 2017 - Project nomination

Summary of Public Engagement Feedback


This project will cost approximately $600,000 to implement, based on preliminary designs.

The NCS program is funded through the County’s Capital Improvement Plan.