Neighborhood Complete Streets – Potential Project List

The Neighborhood Complete Streets program welcomes Arlington community members, including residents, employees and visitors, to share the streets in Arlington that have features missing or unsafe conditions that make the streets unsafe or uncomfortable for all users.

Through an online application, we receive requests to make improvements to Arlington’s neighborhood streets. The NCS program does not include streets designated as arterial in the Master Transportation Plan map on the list of potential project locations.

All streets are evaluated in accordance with the Project Ranking Guidelines. Streets that meet the minimum number of points in Group I criteria (12 points) will remain on the NCS list for a period of three years. If a location continues to qualify after three years, it will remain on the list. If changes in the evaluation result in a location no longer qualifying in Group I after three years, it will be removed from the list.

• Nominated Locations List(PDF, 236KB)

New applications can be submitted at any time, and the revised list of nominated and qualified locations, ranked by score, will be shared on this page annually.