28th Street South - Neighborhood Complete Streets Project



Project Update - Winter 2024

Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2024. Additional information about timing and impacts will be shared closer to the project start date.

Project Status

This Neighborhood Complete Streets project has completed design work and community engagement. A final concept, informed by community feedback, was approved by the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission at a public Funding Hearing, and subsequently approved by the Arlington County Board.

Project Location

28th Street South from South Meade Street to 26th Street South, in the Long Branch Creek neighborhood.

28th St S NCS - Project Map.png

About the Project

The Neighborhood Complete Streets program is pursuing improvements to the existing sidewalk, curb ramps and transit stops at three locations on 28th Street South between South Meade Street and 26th Street South.

The location received a high score and ranked highly among approximately 200 publicly nominated neighborhood street locations, using an objective criteria to sort and rank potential projects.

The improvements seek to provide more comfortable, accessible pedestrian crossings and transit stops, that will narrow the roadway and shorten the crossing distances at three key locations in this transit corridor. The project also creates an estimated net of five parking spaces.

Activity in the area includes Gunston Middle School and Community Center, the Gunston Bubble, park and playing field space, and nearby retail, in close proximity to this medium density residential neighborhood.

Project Designs

Revised Final Concept (December 2022)

Final Concept

Prior Concepts


Public Process

The project was identified through the Neighborhood Complete Streets Program process. It began with an application received from the Arlington community, which scored highly on an objective criteria matrix approved by the County Board and initiated by the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission (NCSC) on the advice of staff. Learn more about the Neighborhood Complete Streets Process.

December 2022 Update

A revised concept design was presented to the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission at their December 2022 meeting. Revisions were the result of staff feedback in the review process.

Winter 2022 - Concept Design Engagement

Staff developed and shared a concept plan to address safety and access challenges in the street section. Community members could share feedback using an online form. Feedback shared will be used to help refine a final design.

Staff also presented to the Pedestrian Advisory Committee on March 9, 2022.


The project is estimated to cost $880,500, though a more precise estimate will be possible once design is complete. The NCS program is funded through the County’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).