N. Buchanan Street at 13th Street N. and 14th Street N. Improvements


North Buchanan Street at 13th Street North and 14th Street North, Arlington, VA 22205  View Map



N. Buchanan Street at 13th Street N. and 14th Street N. Improvements

Post-implementation Monitoring

These intersections were selected for improvement because they feature an alignment that sends pedestrians into the center of the intersection in order for them to cross North Buchanan Street and enter Woodlawn Park. Additionally, 14th Street North is an existing bike route.

The final design, which incorporates public feedback, is as follows:

The design was implemented in summer 2019. County staff have been monitoring and will continue to monitor the outcomes, with attention to vehicle speeds and pedestrian safety. County standards and professional best practices will be used in the evaluation of the pilot project.

While post-implementation monitoring typically lasts one year (four full seasons) to adjust for seasonal variation in conditions and traffic patterns, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected travel. Monitoring may last longer than usual as a result.

About the Project

The Neighborhood Complete Streets (NCS) Program asked residents to tell the County where improvements are needed on our neighborhood streets. In spring 2017 we received more than 360 applications for safety improvements, which resulted in a list of 169 eligible potential projects.

Staff began the process of scoring projects based on criteria approved by the County Board. The demand for improvements to neighborhood streets exceeded our ability to analyze all the submissions with traffic studies to confirm speeding and quantify the volume of vehicle traffic in each of the 169 locations.

In the interest of providing needed safety enhancements on Arlington’s neighborhood streets, the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission selected three pilot projects, including this intersection.

Public Process

In June 2018 an online comment form was available for residents to provide input on the design options. The comment period ended June 29, 2018.

A representative from the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission attended the Waycroft Woodlawn Civic Association’s June 2018 Executive Board meeting, and County staff also took comments on the design options at our “pop-up” engagement opportunities at the Woodlawn Park entrance on June 23 and June 25, 2018. The following design options were presented during that period of public engagement:

County staff and the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission encourage ongoing feedback about the changes once they are implemented.


The project has cost $31,500 to date. The Neighborhood Complete Streets program is funded by the County's Capital Improvement Plan.