Neighborhood Complete Streets - 8th Road South


In Design

This project will consider improvements to 8th Road South, between South Dinwiddie Street and South Frederick Street, in the Arlington Mill neighborhood.


About Project 

This location was nominated for Neighborhood Complete Streets (NCS) funding consideration. It ranked highly on the scored list of nominated streets, with points awarded based on crash history, vehicle volumes, building density, proximity to transit, and being in an Equity Emphasis Area. The Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission (NCSC) affirmed pursuance of a concept design and public engagement at its Feb. 27, 2023 meeting and voted unanimously to recommend the project for approval at its June 26, 2023 Funding Hearing. The Arlington County Board approved the project at its July 2023 meeting.

Existing conditions include complete sidewalks on both sides of the street and large intersections, which increase crossing distances for people walking. Curb ramps are blocked by parked vehicles. 

Project Goal 

  • Improve safety and accessibility of the intersections of 8th Road South with South Dickerson and South Emerson Streets 

Concept Plan

The proposed improvements include accessible curb ramps, pedestrian bump-outs and other relevant signage and pavement markings.

The project is currently in “preliminary concept design” phase and has not undergone any detailed survey or design work. As the County undertakes work to scope and design a preliminary concept, changes to the design may be proposed or required to meet the requirements of the Master Transportation Plan and any applicable design standards and best practices. 

Project Guidance 

Master Transportation Plan 

  • Streets Element: The Complete Street policy informs the scope of this project to improve safety for all road users

Neighborhood Complete Streets Program 

  • The project location was identified through the Neighborhood Complete Streets (NCS) program process 
  • It began with an application received from the Arlington community, which scored highly on an objective criteria matrix and was recommended by the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission (NCSC) 

Public Process

Public engagement on this project began in May 2023 and will continue throughout the project cycle. Efforts have included: 


The preliminary cost estimate for this project is $478,000, though this may be revised through the design process and as more detailed information becomes available. The Neighborhood Complete Streets program is funded through the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).