6th Street S. at S. Adams Street Improvements


6th Street South at South Adams Street, Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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6th Street S. at S. Adams Street Improvements

This neighborhood intersection was selected for improvement because it has an extremely wide pedestrian crossing. Though there is a center median, it doesn't provide a refuge for pedestrians crossing 6th Street South, which is both a bicycle and transit route.

In response to feedback provided by the community, the following alternative was selected:

The County installed the new pavement markings and delineators in August 2018.

About the Project

The Neighborhood Complete Streets (NCS) Program asked residents to tell the County where street improvements are needed on our neighborhood streets. In spring 2017 we received more than 360 applications for safety improvements, which resulted in a list of 169 eligible potential projects.

Staff began the process of scoring projects based on criteria approved by the County Board. The demand for improvements to neighborhood streets exceeded our ability to analyze all the submissions with traffic studies to confirm speeding and quantify the volume of vehicle traffic in each of the 169 locations.

In the interest of providing needed safety enhancements on Arlington’s neighborhood streets, the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission selected three pilot projects, including this intersection. This location was identified for improvement due to vehicle crashes, designated bicycle route, transit route and other pedestrian generators nearby.

Public Process

In June 2018 an online comment form was available for residents to provide input on the design options. The comment period ended June 29, 2018.

Staff also took comments on the design options at the Penrose Civic Association meeting on June 19, 2018. The following design options were presented during the public engagement process, with comments incorporated into the selected design:

County staff and the Neighborhood Complete Streets Commission encourage ongoing feedback about the changes once they are implemented.


The Neighborhood Complete Streets Program is funded through the County's Capital Improvement Plan.