Proposed FY 2017 – FY 2026 Capital Improvement Plan


The County Manager presented the Proposed FY 2017 – FY 2026 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to the County Board on May 17, 2016. It totals $2.8 billion over a 10-year period, with a focus on maintaining existing infrastructure and fulfilling commitments to design a new fire station, construct the Lubber Run Community Center and the Long Bridge Park Aquatics and Fitness Center.  It includes more than $1.3 billion in funding for transportation over the next 10 years. Some of that money would be used to expand the County’s successful Arlington Transit (ART) bus system, adding 25 buses to the 65-bus fleet by FY 2022. Another $421 million is proposed for water-sewer infrastructure funding over the next 10 years. Also included is funding to acquire the Buck property, on N. Quincy Street, and $6 million to build an online payment portal and supporting systems. Funding for the Neighborhood Conservation Program remains at $12 million — the same amount as two years ago. A new item is a $12 million joint County-Schools project bond to build a parking structure at the Thomas Jefferson Middle School site, where a new elementary school is planned.

In the coming weeks the County Board will hold several work sessions and a CIP public hearing. Details on those meetings are on the right side of this page under Events.

The Arlington Public Schools CIP process is separate from the County’s.  The Superintendent of Arlington Public Schools proposed a $492 million CIP to the School Board on May 5; the proposed referendum for November 2016 for Schools is $142 million. View the Superintendent’s Proposed Capital Improvement Plan.   A joint work session of the County Board and School Board is scheduled for May 24 to discuss the proposed Schools CIP.

Below is a link to the County Manager’s presentation to the Board and an electronic copy of the CIP.

Proposed FY 2017 – FY 2026 CIP Presentation to the County Board (May 17, 2016)

Completed Work Sessions

  1. Work session #1:  Joint County and Schools
    1. APS Presentation
    2. APS CIP Proposal
    3. County Presentation
  2. Work session #2:   County Proposed CIP
    1. Debt Update
    2. Stormwater
    3. Utilities
    4. Neighborhood Conservation
    5. Nauck Town Square
  3. Work session #3:  County Proposed CIP
    1. Parks & Recreation
    2. Government Facilities
  4. Work session #4:  County Proposed CIP
    1. FAAC Report
    2. Technology & Public Safety
    3. Transportation
    4. Metro
  5. Work session #5:  CIP Wrap-Up
    1. Agenda
    2. Transit Development Plan & Premium Transit Network presentation
    3. 2016 Draft County Bond Referenda
    4. 2016 Draft School Bond Referenda