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Directories of Licensed Early Childhood Programs and Home Day Care Providers


 Parents are strongly encouraged to look at the Choosing A Family Day Care Home page for tips to select a Family Day Care or Early Childhood Program that is a good fit for your child.  We also encourage parents to call to find out what the Child Care Office's latest inspection visit reported- (703) 228-1685.  

Directory and Map of Early Childhood Programs

This directory contains a description of Early Childhood Programs annually licensed under Chapter 52 of the Arlington County Code, "Child Care Centers, Preschools, Nursery Schools, Parent's Day Out Programs, and Cooperative Playgroup Programs." Copies of Chapter 52 are available from the Child Care Office , in the reference section of County libraries or on the County’s website.

  • The directors and administrators have written the program descriptions that follow.
  • These descriptions reflect the variations in philosophy and approach among the early childhood programs.
  • Programs marked with an asterisk (*) accept children whose care is reimbursed by the Virginia Department of Social Services through the social services block grant.
  • It is important that parents visit several programs before making their selection.
  • Parents are encouraged to spend time observing the program and talking with the staff to be assured that the program meets their specific child care needs.

Directory of Family Day Care Providers

( Map of Family Day Care Providers)

These family day care home providers comply with the minimum standards of Chapter 59 of the Arlington County Code ("Family Day Care Homes"). Their listing here does not constitute a recommendation.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to visit several providers, observe the activities, and check references before making a selection.

Becoming a Child Care Provider in Arlington County

Arlington County Child Care Office licenses both Family Day Care Providers and Early Education Centers.  If you are interested in opening an Early Education Center in Arlington, please call the Child Care Office at (703) 228-1685. 

To become a a Family Day Care Provider in Arlington you will need to attend an orientation session at the Department of Human Services (2100 Washington Blvd.).   The Child Care Office loves children, however please do not bring your children to the orientation.  

FAQs for Family Child Care Homes

Interested in starting a Family Child Care Home? Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the process and requirements.

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