Arlington Addiction Recovery Initiative

Who is AARI

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AARI, the Arlington Addiction Recovery Initiative, is Arlington’s opioid and other addictions taskforce, comprised of stakeholders from across the county, including treatment providers, first responders, the justice system, the hospital, and private citizens.  AARI was founded in January 2017 in response to the rising concerns regarding opioids in our community. Our primary goals are to prevent individuals from developing a substance use disorder, increase access and awareness of available treatment resources in our community, and decrease access to opioids through diversion.

Mission Statement

To reduce the incidents of substance use, dependency, and overdose by improving the community understanding of the dangers of substance use, utilizing an integrated system of community members and professionals to provide support, resources, and education.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is reviewed and updated every three years. The plan includes three primary focus areas: Prevention, Treatment, and Supply Reduction. Read the full plan here(PDF, 174KB)


Summer 2022(PDF, 2MB) 


AARI Accomplishments (Feb 2021)         

State Opioid Response Grant Year 1 Summary    

 State Opioid Response Grant Year 2 Summary

State Opioid Response Grant Year 3 Summary(PDF, 368KB)

AARI Stat Sheet (May 2019)

AARI Accomplishments poster(PNG, 742KB)

How to get involved

For more information including trainings or education programs, volunteering, or treatment resources, please contact AARI via E-mail: