Vision Zero — Partnerships



The Arlington County Vision Zero Action Plan process will require input and coordination from a variety of stakeholders, including departments within the County, community-led organizations, the community itself, local peer Vision Zero jurisdictions, and other regional and Federal partners. Each of these key stakeholders is described in the sections below.

Interdepartmental Stakeholders

The Interdepartmental Stakeholder Group is comprised of the various departments and bureaus within Arlington County Government that relate to transportation safety and equity. The Interdepartmental Stakeholders Group meets monthly to provide input on the development of the Vision Zero Action Plan, including the resulting plan for implementation.

County Departments Represented

External Stakeholders

The Vision Zero External Stakeholder Group (called “External” because the representatives are not County staff) will meet every other month throughout the Vision Zero Action Plan process and be involved in the deployment of the Action Plan once adopted. External Stakeholder Group members were invited in October 2019 to act as representatives from existing committees, commissions, and community organizations identified by the Interdepartmental Stakeholders Group. The mission of the group will be to support the County’s Vision Zero program through the following activities:

  • Emphasizing to the public the importance of both a safety culture and commitment by assisting with the development of engagement and education programs.
  • Helping guide public outreach, messaging, and strategies related to Vision Zero.
  • Providing insight, feedback, and local knowledge to the County’s Vision Zero team.
  • Participating in bimonthly meetings with County staff through the development of the Action Plan.

Taken together, these external stakeholders represent a broad range of County partners who have an active interest in the development of the plan, and/or insight and expertise that can help ensure the plan is addressing the right problems in the most effective ways. They also will expand the community reach of the plan by working to ensure that all County residents are engaged in its development.

External Organizations Represented

The Arlington Community

Public input and cooperation will be key to a successful process and outcome. The County will provide many opportunities for the community to provide their input regarding community values, safety concerns, and priorities for the future. We hope you will stay involved in this process!

Local Vision Zero Peer Jurisdictions

Arlington County participates in quarterly meetings with local peer jurisdictions to share Vision Zero program progress, lessons learned, and innovative ideas for addressing transportation safety. Just as many of the jurisdictions in the region share boundaries, we also share many of the same issues and challenges. Cross-collaboration allows us to tackle issues collectively and ensure consistency across jurisdictional lines.

Local Vision Zero peer jurisdictions include:

Regional & Federal Partners

The following are entities that currently coordinate with Arlington County on an ad-hoc basis. The development of a Vision Zero Action Plan will serve to identify ways that Arlington can most effectively partner with these agencies to prioritize safe transportation infrastructure and services.

State/Regional Agencies

  • Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
  • NOVA Parks
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
  • Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC)
  • Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT)
  • NAIOP NoVA (Commercial Real Estate Development Association)
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Federal Agencies

  • National Park Service
  • Pentagon (United States Department of Defense)
  • Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (US Army)
  • Arlington National Cemetery (US Army)

Enforcement Agencies

  • Virginia State Police
  • US Park Police
  • Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police
  • Metro Transit Police

Ridesharing and Micro-Mobility Operators

  • TNCs (Uber, Lyft, Via, etc.)
  • Scooter Operators (Bird, Bolt, Jump, Lime, Lyft, Razor, Skip, Spin, etc.)
  • E-Bike Operators (Jump, etc.)

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