Action Plan & Progress Reports

An Action Plan with a clear timeframe for reaching program goals/milestones is the backbone of the Vision Zero program. The County’s Vision Zero Action Plan details the County’s commitment to achieving the objectives defined in the County’s Vision Zero resolution. It articulates the values, goals, actions and performance measures that guide Vision Zero actions and evaluate the County’s progress toward eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Our first five-year Action Plan presents a clear framework toward reaching our Vision Zero program goals. This Action Plan identifies key safety target areas, actions that improve safety in each target area, and measures for tracking our progress towards eliminating severe and fatal transportation injuries in Arlington County by 2030.

View the Vision Zero Action Plan

Ver el plan de acción de Visión Cero en español aquí

View the Vision Zero Public Engagement Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Progress Reports

View the Vision Zero Program Dashboard for regular data and action updates

Year 3 Annual Progress Report(PDF, 5MB) (Español(PDF, 5MB)& Virtual "Open House" Story Map - April 2024

Year 3 Mid-Year Progress Report(PDF, 3MB) - September 2023 ((PDF, 5MB)Español(PDF, 3MB))

Year 2 Annual Progress Report(PDF, 7MB) - April 2023 (Español(PDF, 5MB))

Year 2 Mid-Year Progress Report(PDF, 4MB) - December 2022 (Español(PDF, 4MB))

Year 1 Annual Progress Report -May 2022 (Español(PDF, 2MB)

Year 1 Mid-Year Progress Report - December 2021 (Español

Annual Vision Zero Cycle

The graphic below illustrates the updated typical yearly cycle for implementation of, and reporting on, Arlington’s Vision Zero program. 

  • Typically late fall through early spring, transportation staff focus on planning and programming. Then from spring through fall, the County focuses on implementation of transportation projects through construction and repaving. 
  • The County releases the annual Vision Zero report covering activities and metrics from the previous calendar year in April, along with an open house and safety feedback engagement to learn about experiences and needs from the community. 
  • The County releases the mid-year Vision Zero report covering activities within the calendar year to-date in October, along with the annual meeting of the Vision Zero External Stakeholders Group, who provide feedback and help steer the program.
  • Programmatic safety work, such as the crash hot spots program, High-Injury Network safety audits, critical crash reviews, community request response, collaboration, and communication occur year-round. 
  • The High-Injury Network is updated every three years. Hot Spots are identified every two years. 

VZ timeline.png

Five-Year Timeline 

The timeline below illustrates key milestones and reporting timeframes over the five-year span of the Action Plan.

  • We will implement action items, review their outcomes, and identify next steps in an iterative and collaborative process over the five-year plan.
  • We will release an Annual Report and host a public meeting every year to collect feedback on our progress.
  • We will host a mid-year check in with the External Stakeholders Group open to the public to gather additional insights and input on the program.
  • We acknowledge that actions described in the plan may change over the five-year period, so we will provide updates on the project website and through email
  • updates, which you can sign up for in the right hand panel of this website.
  • We are tentatively planning to update the Action Plan in 2025.

Vision Zero Timeline