Affordable Housing Dashboard

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About the Dashboard

The Affordable Housing Dashboard is intended to provide a wide range of information regarding Arlington County's affordable housing efforts. The dashboard serves as an annual report on progress towards realizing the goals, objectives and policies of the Affordable Housing Master Plan.  

The Affordable Housing Master Plan defines the County’s affordable housing policy and enables Arlington to respond to the current and future needs of residents of all levels of income in the County. The plan includes the context for affordable housing in Arlington, an analysis of current and future housing needs, and the affordable housing policy.

The policy is organized around three goals:

  1. Having an adequate supply of housing for the community’s needs
  2. Ensuring that all segments of the community have access to housing
  3. Ensuring that housing efforts contribute to a sustainable community

Content highlights of the dashboard include:

  • Housing Overview
  • Housing Supply
  • Committed Affordable Housing
  • Renter Assistance
  • Ending Homelessness
  • Affordability and AMI


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Arlington Goals and Targets for Affordable Housing

The Annual Affordable Housing Targets Report details the County’s progress towards its Affordable Housing Goals. A Goals and Targets report has been produced annually since targets were established in 2003, documenting the level of success in the eleven goals. These goals and targets expired June 30, 2015, to be replaced by the Affordable Housing Master Plan that was adopted by the County Board in September 2015.