Affordable Housing Master Plan

In 2022, Arlington County concluded the first five-year review of the Affordable Housing Master Plan. Learn more at the Affordable Housing Master Plan Review webpage.

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About the Plan

A culmination of the three-year Affordable Housing Study community effort, the Affordable Housing Master Plan (AHMP) defines the County’s affordable housing policy and enables Arlington to respond to the current and future needs of residents of all levels of income in the County. The plan includes the context for affordable housing in Arlington, an analysis of current and future housing needs, and the affordable housing policy.

The policy is organized around three goals:

  1. Having an adequate supply of housing for the community’s needs
  2. Ensuring that all segments of the community have access to housing
  3. Ensuring that housing efforts contribute to a sustainable community

Affordable Housing Master Plan (adopted Sept. 2015)

AHMP Política de vivienda asequible

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Implementation Framework

The Affordable Housing Implementation Framework describes the existing and potential tools that will be the mechanisms for fulfilling the goals, objectives, and policies of the AHMP. The Framework provides guidance from the County Manager to County staff for developing and overseeing specific policies and programs to meet the County’s affordable housing needs. The implementation Framework was updated in 2022 as a result of the AHMP review.

View the 2022 Implementation Framework(PDF, 628KB)

View the 2015 Implementation Framework(PDF, 736KB)

Monitoring and Reporting Plan

The Affordable Housing Monitoring and Reporting Plan identifies and defines the indicators that will be used to monitor progress towards achieving the AHMP goals, and identifies the specific sources of data to be used. This document provides the outline for the preparation of the Annual Affordable Housing Report.

View the Monitoring and Reporting Plan