Design Review Committee (DRC)

The Design Review Committee is comprised of design professionals who serve on the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB). One responsibility of the HALRB is to review plans for exterior alterations, demolition and new construction in locally designated Arlington historic districts through a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) process.

The CoA process begins with a public meeting with the DRC. The DRC offers free technical and design advice to the applicant and helps finalize the CoA request before it goes to the HALRB for review.

This flowchart shows how an application for a CoA progresses through review by the DRC and the HALRB.


(Appointment expiration dates are shown in parentheses)

  • Omari Davis (7/22)
  • Robert Dudka, DRC Chair (12/22)
  • Jennie Gwin (9/22)
  • Andrew Wenchel, Jr. (5/22)

Public Meetings

DRC public meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. They and the HALRB meetings are currently being held virtually via Teams Meeting.

When held in person DRC public meetings and HALRB hearings take place in the Ellen M. Bozman Center (Courthouse Plaza), 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Lobby Conference Rooms Cherry and Dogwood, unless otherwise noted. View the HALRB website for the HALRB meeting schedule and materials.

The public may observe DRC meetings, but participation in the discussion is limited to applicants and members of the HALRB.

2022 Meetings

Date & Agenda Location Topics & Materials 

Wednesday, January 5 at 6.30PM

Agenda(PDF, 118KB)

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  1.  3421 21st Ave N. Addition(PDF, 20MB)
  2. 2415 Shirlington Rd. Cooler(PDF, 15MB)
  3. 315 N. Glebe. Sign(PDF, 7MB)
  4. 2831 23rd Rd N. Renovation(PDF, 3MB)

 Wednesday, February 2 at 6.30PM

Agenda(PDF, 518KB)

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1. 3623 21st Ave N(PDF, 3MB)

2. 2204 N Kenmore(PDF, 11MB)

 Wednesday, March 2 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 521KB)

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  1. 2204 N Kenmore(PDF, 11MB) Windows
  2. 2309 N Jackson(PDF, 21MB) Tree Removal
  3. 2309 N Kenmore(PDF, 17MB) Addition
  4. 4025 N Randolph(PDF, 3MB) Landscaping
  5. 3205 23rd St N(PDF, 3MB) Amendments

 Wednesday, April 6 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 524KB)

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  1. 2309 N Kenmore(PDF, 22MB) Addition
  2. 2204 N Kenmore(PDF, 13MB)  Windows
  3. 3313 22nd St N(PDF, 330KB) Amendment
  4. 3600 22nd St N(PDF, 23MB) Hardscaping
  5. 3327 22nd St N(PDF, 9MB) Hardscaping
  6. 2836 23rd Rd N(PDF, 11MB) Solar Panels
  7. 4102 N Old Glebe(PDF, 6MB) HVAC
  8. 2801 Columbia Pike(PDF, 4MB) Development

 Wednesday, May 4 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 523KB)

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  1. 3550 Wilson Blvd(PDF, 18MB) Cameras
  2. 2329 N Jackson(PDF, 10MB) Windows
  3. 3601 21st Ave N(PDF, 7MB) Hardscaping
  4. 3200 22nd St N(PDF, 10MB) Patio
  5. 2317 N Kenmore(PDF, 5MB) Addition
  6. 2101 N Kenmore(PDF, 4MB) Screened Porch
  7. 2206 N Kenmore(PDF, 578KB) Shed
  8. 2801 Columbia Pike(PDF, 1MB) Development

 Wednesday, June 1 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 522KB)

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  1. 3600 22nd St N(PDF, 31MB) Outdoor kitchen
  2. 3607 22nd St N(PDF, 3MB) Vents
  3. 3421 21st Ave N(PDF, 5MB) Addition
  4. 2821 23rd St N(PDF, 17MB) Rear Porch
  5. 2329 N Edgewood(PDF, 7MB) Garage Door

 Wednesday, July 6 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 519KB) 

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  1. 3501 21st Ave N(PDF, 43MB) Renewal and Decking
  2. 3550 Wilson Blvd(PDF, 11MB) Amendment to Cameras

 Wednesday, August 3 at 6.30 PM

Agenda(PDF, 522KB)

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Passcode: 3n3X4q

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+1 347-973-6905 

Phone Conference ID: 465 431 303# 


  1. 5711 4th St S Wifi Antenna(PDF, 3MB)
  2. 4201 Old Glebe Remove Fire Escape(PDF, 2MB)
  3. 5800 Washington Accessible Entrance(PDF, 4MB)
  4. 2326 N Jackson Amend New Construction(PDF, 2MB)
 Wednesday, September 7 at 6.30 PM    
 Wednesday, October 5 at 6.30 PM    
 Wednesday, November 2 at 6.30 PM    

Wednesday, December 7 at 6.30 PM


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