Long Bridge Drive Multimodal Connection



This project has been identified in the 2023-2032 Capital Improvement Program and design development has begun as of Fall 2023. The first public engagement opportunity is now open.

About the Project

This project calls for the creation of a multi-use trail facility along Long Bridge Drive connecting the ped/bike terminus of the future Long Bridge Rail Project from its landing behind the Long Bridge Aquatic Center to the Crystal City bike network. This facility will tie into VDOT's adjacent Boundary Channel Drive ped/bike improvements connecting to the Mount Vernon Trail. As the facility continues into Crystal City, it meets with the future S. Clark-Bell Street multi-use trail at 12th Street S., along with connections to the forthcoming cycle track along Army Navy Drive.

Preliminary planning work has identified a need for a minimum 12'-wide multi-use trail between the new bridge and Crystal City, as this route is expected to become a major multimodal commuter route between Arlington and DC. Without this project, most commuters will likely attempt to navigate the Long Bridge Park Esplanade and walking trail, which is not intended for use as a commuter cycling route.


In light of current and expected growth in the area of Crystal City and Pentagon City, and the intensification of recreational development, additional active transportation connections are needed. A direct link from Long Bridge Park to the Mt. Vernon Trail will dramatically improve multi-modal connections both for the immediate vicinity and for links between the regional activity centers of Crystal City, Pentagon City, Pentagon, Potomac Yard and the regional trail network.

Project Basis

This project is included for funding in the adopted 2023-2032 Capital Improvement Program, following the development of the Crystal City Bike Network. Planning guidance for this project comes from the following County Board-adopted plans and policies:

Master Transportation Plan

  • Streets Element: the County's Complete Street Policy (Streets Element Policy #4.2) informs the scope of this project to improve safety for all road users, including people walking, biking, taking transit and driving
  • Bicycle Element: This segment of Long Bridge Drive is included in the Bicycle and Trail network as a primary bicycling corridor with an existing bikeway (striped bike lanes)

Vision Zero Action Plan

  • The 2021 Vision Zero Action Plan calls on County Transportation staff to take a proactive approach to safety, to eliminate severe and fatal crashes from our transportation network by 2030
  • Separating vulnerable road users (people walking and biking) from motor vehicle traffic is a core, effective tool for eliminating severe and fatal crashes before they occur.
  • Providing a multi-use trail that fully separates people walking and biking is an essential safety tool for a corridor that provides motor vehicle access to a major interstate, especially when we anticipate a significant increase in bicycle and pedestrian traffic along the corridor in the coming years.

Public Spaces Master Plan

  • Strategic Direction #2 of the Public Spaces Master Plan calls for the County to "[i]mprove the network of trails to, between and within public spaces to increase access and enhance connectivity"
  • Priority Action further specifies that the County should "[c]reate safe routes to parks and other public spaces by filling gaps in sidewalks and trails that connect public spaces to neighborhoods, schools, transit stations and other County facilities"

Additionally, the corridor serves the Long Bridge Aquatics Center and Long Bridge Park and provides a direct link between high-density residential and commercial neighborhoods with public space, facilities, and multi-use trails for transportation, recreation and activity.

Public Process

Public engagement for this project will occur in two phases, before and after the development of a concept design for the corridor.

Fall 2023: Existing Conditions and Your Experiences

For the initial public engagement opportunity, the project team shared what we've learned as we've reviewed the existing conditions along Long Bridge Drive and gathered input from the community on their experiences in this corridor. We are using this feedback to inform a concept design for the intersection, which we’ll share back with the community for input in Spring 2024.

Engagement Summary - Existing Conditions and Experiences

The now-closed Online Feedback Form is available for review using one of the links below:



This project is currently funding in the amount of $7.8MM using local funds designated for infrastructure improvements in the Crystal City area.