Army Navy Drive Complete Street


Segment of Army Navy Drive between South Joyce Street and 12th Street South, Arlington, VA 22202  View Map



Project schedule:

  • Final design submission – Fall 2021
  • Bid/Contract document preparation – Fall 2021
  • Bid advertisement – Winter 2021-22
  • Completion of easement acquisitions – Winter 2021-22
  • Anticipated construction start - Fall 2022
  • Anticipated construction completion - Summer 2025

About the Project

The project will re-build Army Navy Drive within the existing right-of-way as a multimodal complete street featuring enhanced bicycle, transit, environmental and pedestrian facilities. The goal of the project is to improve the local connections between the Pentagon and the commercial, residential and retail services in Pentagon City and Crystal City.

The reconstruction will provide a physically separated two-way protected bicycle lane facility along the south side of Army Navy Drive, in addition to shorter and safer pedestrian crossings, and will accommodate future dedicated transit lanes. Vehicle travel lanes will be reduced in number where appropriate and will be narrowed to dimensions appropriate for a slower urban context.

The existing raised medians will be removed and re-built as a planted median. The traffic signal equipment at the five project corridor signalized intersections will be replaced with all new equipment. The new street design will incorporate best practices of environmental sustainability, including green landscaping treatments to reduce stormwater runoff and recharge groundwater.

The project began working through a detailed traffic operations analysis in summer 2015. This study evaluated the multimodal travel impact of the proposed improvements on the surrounding future 2020 and 2040 Pentagon City and Crystal City street network. The traffic analysis was approved by the Virginia Department of Transportation in December 2017. Based on the recommendations and results in the final analysis, the project’s working concept plan was updated to enhance the multimodal access and mobility of the Army Navy Drive project corridor.

Connections to other projects

This project will extend the Crystal City Potomac Yard Transitway into Pentagon City by adding one dedicated transit lane in each direction along Army Navy Drive between South Joyce Street and South Hayes Street.

And the project will link to the future two-way bicycle lane facility planned for South Clark Street between 12th Street South and 15th Street South and the future South Eads Street protected bike lanes.

Public Process

November 2020 Virtual Design Public Meeting

The County held a design public hearing on Nov. 18, 2020, for the Army Navy Drive Complete Streets Project. The hearing was held as a virtual/online meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Public comment on the project was collected by phone, email, mail, and in-person by appointment.

June 2019 Open House

An open house was held on June 25, 2019, at the Aurora Hills Branch Library. The online feedback form closed on July 12, 2019.

Open house materials
30 Percent Design Plan - includes street cross sections and summaries of changes from the 15% design
Exhibit 1 - Bike Network
Exhibit 2 - Design Features
Exhibit 3 - Existing Conditions
Exhibit 4 - Crash Summary
Exhibit 5 - 2040 AM Traffic Data
Exhibit 5 - 2040 PM Traffic Data
Exhibit 6 - Schedule
Exhibit 7 - What We Heard
January 2018 Design Workshop

A public design workshop was held on Jan. 31, 2018, at the Aurora Hills Branch Library. A comment period was open from the time of the meeting through Feb. 16, 2018.January 2018 Design Workshop

Design workshop materials
Army Navy Drive Traffic Analysis Report 2017
Army Navy Drive Supplemental Traffic Analysis Memorandum
Exhibit 1 - Bike Network
Exhibit 2 - Design Features
Exhibit 3 - Proposed Future Layout
Exhibit 4 - Crash Summary
Exhibit 5 - 2020 AM Traffic Data
Exhibit 5 - 2020 PM Traffic Data
Exhibit 5 - 2040 AM Traffic Data
Exhibit 5 - 2040 PM Traffic Data
Community briefings

Staff introduced the project to the Arlington County Bicycle Advisory Committee in December 2017 and the Crystal City Business Improvement District in January 2018 to solicit feedback on the design.

In June 2019, staff presented the 30 percent design plan to the Bicycle Advisory Committee - Read the presentation


Project funding includes local and federal sources, regional funds from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and private developer contributions.