Annual Development Highlights

The Annual Development Highlights report summarizes residential and commercial development activity in Arlington and compares development trends over the last 10 years. This report contains an inventory of development projects throughout the County.

Development Highlights 2020

Download the report for details about development, including the following:

  • The County Board approved 9 special exception development projects. Most of the approved development is attributed to residential projects, with almost 2,000 units approved in the planning corridors.
  • 9 projects were completed, adding 2,417 residential units, nearly 200,000 SF of retail space and other space, and 200,000 SF of office space to the County.
  • Construction started on 8 projects. These projects are expected to add 491,387 SF of other space and 213 residential units to the County. The conversion of the Education Center at Washington-Liberty High school from administration space to classroom space accounts for 358,112 SF of other space that is under construction.
  • There were 10 major demolitions, including the demolition of the Rosslyn Holiday Inn for the future development of two towers containing 375 hotel rooms, 502 residential units, 14,412 SF of retail space, and 34,417 SF of other space.
  • The County continues to stay committed to building more affordable housing. This year, 77 committed affordable units were approved, construction started on 160, and 256 were completed.
  • The County Board adopted new standards regarding accessory dwelling units. Construction started on 13 throughout the County in 2020.

Development Data: Access Development Tracking raw data through Arlington Open data.

Development Tracking Dashboard

As a companion to the report, the Development Tracking Dashboard provides an online interactive experience with development data for the current quarter, trends over the past 10 years, and development within and outside the planning corridors.


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