Annual Reports

FY 2020 Annual Report

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The FY 2020 Affordable Housing Master Plan Annual Report looks back on the accomplishments over the last five years towards achieving the goals , objectives and policies of the AHMP. The report is structured according to each of the goals and objectives of the Affordable Housing Master Plan and includes a status update on all tools identified in the Implementation Framework. Complete data sets of the 61 indicators developed as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan are available and include data back to 2010.

FY 2019 Annual Report

FY 2018 Annual Report

FY 2017 Annual Report

FY 2016 Annual Report

Arlington Goals and Targets for Affordable Housing

The Annual Affordable Housing Targets Report details the County’s progress towards its Affordable Housing Goals. A Goals and Targets report has been produced annually since targets were established in 2003, documenting the level of success in the eleven goals. These goals and targets expired June 30, 2015, to be replaced by the Affordable Housing Master Plan that was adopted by the County Board in September 2015.