Affordable Housing Investment Fund

Arlington County Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for County Loan Funds

The FY 2023 NOFA Process has been deferred. Staff will be evaluating the opportunity for a FY 2024 NOFA and will provide an update during winter 2023. For general information about County loan funds and other sources of funding for rental developments, view Financial Tools.

Previous NOFA Application, Scoring Guidance & Geographic Distribution

View the PDF of the FY22 NOFA Application for County Loan Funds

The FY 2022 NOFA for County Loan Funds Scoring Guidance guides the review and evaluation of loan requests and forms the basis for the pipeline funding recommendations to the County Manager and County Board. The Geographic Distribution Map is used to score the Geographic Distribution criteria.

Selection is not a commitment of loan funds. Selected applicants will move forward with financing negotiations, including negotiations on the requested loan amount, and public review process. A County Board hearing would be scheduled upon successful completion of this process. Any commitment of County loan funds is contingent upon County Board approval.

Out-of-Cycle Applications

Out-of-cycle applications will be considered for time-sensitive third party acquisitions on a case-by-case basis. “Time-sensitive third party acquisition” means the development is currently listed on the open market or will be listed on the open market in the immediate future.

If the applicant is applying to be considered out-of-cycle, e-mail a letter to Alex McMillen at with information about the project (location, units, price) and documentation of time-sensitivity (listing or letter from owner). Describe why an in-cycle application would preclude the ability to purchase.

Help is Available

Read the Questions and Answers document that contains answers to the questions staff received during the FY 2022 NOFA application period. For any further questions regarding the NOFA for County Loan Funds, contact Alex McMillen