DVAM 2022

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

dvam2022.png This year’s DVAM theme for the Arlington community is Heathy AND Safe Relationships. Although life is beginning to resemble pre-pandemic times, the public health crisis continues to leave ripple effects throughout our community and across the state. 

Last year, 3,939 adults and 2,361 children received 216,725 nights of emergency (or temporary) shelter in Virginia. Additionally, Arlington saw an uptick in requests for protective orders and law enforcement support. 

This October, our goal is to raise awareness on what it means to not only have a healthy relationship, but a safe one too. Please join us! Help us amplify this important message and get a conversation started by sharing content within your own networks. 

You and/or your agency can directly show support by: 


Racial Justice is Survivor JusticeRJ2022.png

While our community theme this year emphasizes safety in relationships to address local victim and survivor needs, it is important to uplift the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence's national theme of No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice.

As Arlington County continues to embed racial equity in its footprint, it is vital to be cognizant of and acknowledge communities that have historically experienced domestic violence at radically higher rates, namely BIPOC women and girls, only to be retraumatized through oppressive and inequitable service delivery. Together, through Arlington's commitment to race and equity, we can forge a new system of service delivery that aims to eradicate all oppression to achieve the justice every survivor deserves.

Take Action:


Tell us about your experience accessing services in Arlington.Survey-Image-PEACE-300x300.png

Everyone deserves to be safe at home and in their relationships.  When someone in our community is not safe and is being hurt by their partner, there are resources  to help. Please consider taking one of the surveys below to share your experience using, looking for, or referring people to resources for those impacted by domestic/intimate partner/dating violence and sexual assault in Arlington County.

There are two surveys. You are welcome to take both as applicable. While the survey works best on a computer, you may also use a mobile device.

Arlington Community Members: Click to access survey.

Arlington Service Providers: Click to access survey.

Questions in the survey ask about your experience, or the experiences of people you know, and could bring up strong emotions. It is your choice how many, and which questions you answer. If you need support at any time, please call the Doorways Domestic and Sexual Violence hotline available 24-hours a day at 703-237-0881.

This survey was created by Project PEACE, Arlington’s Coordinated Community Response, in order to understand how Arlington community members have, or have not, accessed local support. This survey is confidential and results will be analyzed by Project PEACE and their members to enhance and improve services for everyone in the county. Questions? Call or email: 703-228-5003 or info-projectpeace@arlingtonva.us


If you or someone you know has been impacted by intimate partner or sexual violence you are not alone. We are here to help. 

  • For Arlington resources click here.
  • For Alexandria resources click here.
  • For Fairfax resources click here.
  • For Loudoun resources click here.
  • For JCADA resources and support click here.


The materials above are free to download and use. To request pre-printed versions please email info-projectPEACE@arlingtonva.us