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Askable-Adult-Logo.png Creating Safe Spaces to Build Youth Resiliency and Strengthen Connections

Project PEACE’s Goal 1 has recently launched their new “Askable Adult” campaign to build the capacity of Adults’ in Arlington to be judgement-free, approachable resources and supports for youth in Arlington. The campaign will launch in Fall 2022 and includes a free workshop for parents and adults who work and support youth as well as general awareness about the experiences of youth in Arlington.

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Itching for more? Check out our interview on Be Curious Radio with Lynn Burton to hear more about the driving force behind our campaign.

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Attend an upcoming Becoming More Askable Workshop! 
  • June 18th 1:00pm - 4:00pm; Virtual on Zoom. Register here
  • August 8th 9:00a - 12:00pm; Virtual on Zoom. Register here
  • Request a workshop for your organization: Email

Do you consider yourself approachable? Do youth come to you for support and resources about topics most important to them? Are you looking for new ways to support and connect with youth? Then this workshop is for you! The Becoming More Askable Workshop is an opportunity to ensure that every young person in Arlington has at least one askable adult (a person youth has identified as willing and able to listen, provide support and understanding, and answer questions without judgment). Join us as we provide tips and identify strategies for becoming a more askable adult for the youth in your life. This workshop is geared towards all adults willing to support youth.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Youth Providers
  • School Staff
  • Educators
  • Parents and Individuals in Parenting Roles 
  • Mentors
  • Coaches
  • Scout Leaders
  • Family Members
  • Anyone who works with or supports children and youth! 
View Our Brochure!

Our new brochure outlines the challenges Arlington Youth are facing and the role adults play in being "askable" and approachable adults. View the Askable Adult guide here. View the mobile versions below: 

What is an Askable Adult?

Being an askable adult means that you are approachable and make space for the youth in your life to come to you with any question. An Askable Adult may not always feel prepared to answer any question and that's okay! Being an askable adult is about being supportive and providing resources. Click on the links below to learn ways adults can help youth feel more comfortable asking for support and discussing sensitive issues.

What can YOU do to be More Askable?

Make the time to listen and open the lines of communication:

  • Listen without judgment
  • Ask open-ended questions to understand more
  • Recognize and validate feelings
  • Discuss expectations and boundaries
  • Remain calm, regardless of what the young person tells you
  • Ask the youth in your life how you can be more askable for them
  • Build meaningful relationships with youth
  • Get more informed about the topics that are important to the youth in your life
  • Be aware that LGBTQ+ youth and racial/ethnic minorities may have different experiences than other youth


Interested in connecting with new youth in a meaningful way? Check out RISE Mentoring Program.


Adapted from the Vermont Network's Askable Adult Initiative.