Mobile Food Unit and Vendor Health Licenses

Red food truck


The Virginia Department of Health and Arlington County Public Health Division are required to issue mobile food unit licenses in the form of a sticker that shall be prominently displayed on mobile food units. This change was enacted due to the passage of House Bill 1625 during the 2017 Virginia General Assembly legislative session.


For New Mobile Food Units and Renewals:

  • After submitting your application, contact the Environmental Health Program to schedule a joint health and fire (if needed*) inspection. *Mobile food units that produce grease-laden vapors (i.e., those who cook or re-heat food) and/or use propane tanks or generators MUST receive a fire inspection.
  • After receiving a health inspection/license, newly licensed mobile food units should obtain a vendor tag and Vendor, Peddler, Canvasser Permit. Previously licensed mobile food units should renew their Vendor, Peddler, Canvasser Permit and license prior to renewing their health license. Review the Guidelines for Vendors(PDF, 336KB) (pg. 3) for complete regulations pertaining to vending in Arlington County.

Fire Prevention Requirements

Ensure fire safety equipment is available and stored in your mobile unit according to Fire Prevention Office regulations:

  • Fire extinguishers (2A-10BC)
  • Wheel chocks (New for 2022!)
  • An explosive gas detector (New for 2022!)

Mobile Vending Zones

Mobile Vending Zones are created for food trucks in which they are exclusively allowed to vend during set hours. However, mobile vending is not limited to these zones. For more information on vending, please see the Arlington County Code.

Rosslyn Mobile Vending Zone
Rosslyn Vending Zone Hours: 10am – 2pm, Monday – Friday

Court House Mobile Vending Zone
Court House Vending Zone Hours: 10am – 2pm, Monday – Friday

Clarendon Mobile Vending Zone
Clarendon Vending Zone Hours: 10pm – 2am, Friday – Sunday

Download more information about Mobile Vending Zones

Event Requirements

Review Event Requirements for Mobile Food Units(PDF, 919KB) if you are a mobile food unit interested in participating in an event, or you would like to have a vendor at your event.