Flood Resilient Arlington


What is Arlington doing to be more Flood Resilient?

Recent localized flooding from intense short periods of rainfall now challenges parts of our stormwater system due to issues of capacity and limited overland relief. Arlington is improving flood resilience by: 

Stormwater Management Presentation to Civic Federation, Nov 14, 2023

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Story Map: A Flood Resilient Arlington
Story Map: A Flood Resilient Arlington

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Arlington’s stormwater system includes 10,000 storm drains, over 330 miles of storm sewers and 33 miles of natural stream channels.

For questions and more information on flood-related issues
Contact: descommunications@arlingtonva.us | 703-228-5000

Funding and Capital Project Planning


Inter-departmental Workgroup on Stormwater Management and Resilience

A County inter-departmental workgroup continues to address stormwater management and resilience, focusing on the key topics of:

  • Emergency response/life safety notification
  • Development and regulations
  • Strategic improvements and policy changes
  • Communications and engagement

The workgroup delivered an update on their efforts at the Feb. 25, 2020 Recessed Board Meeting.

County Stormwater Management Program