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Low-Interest Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has made low-interest loans available to residents and businesses affected by the flood. Visit the SBA's Disaster Loan Assistance page for more information.

County Resources

The County is providing services, resources and information to residents and business, including assistance from:

Both a Disaster Loan Outreach Center (D-LOC) and a Local Recovery Center (LRC) were open, Aug. 13-19, to help residents and businesses with flood recovery.

Repairs & Permitting

Property damaged by the severe weather and flooding on July 8? You may need a County inspection and/or permit to make repairs to your home or business.

Debris & Clean-Up

Follow the County's guidelines for properly preparing debris for collection. The County is working to clean up debris from parks and other public facilities that sustained damage.

Reducing Flood Risk

Residents and businesses can take steps to reduce their risk from future flooding events. The County is also assessing the storm sewer system and is working on system improvements.

About this Page

Arlington County continues to support residents and businesses recovering from extreme flooding on July 8, 2019.

Here you'll find information about the Disaster Loan Outreach Center, as well as the County's Local Recovery Center.

Use this page to connect to available resources and information, or call Virginia 2-1-1.

Page last updated August 20, 2019.