Land Records FAQs

How do I calculate recordation taxes and fees?

Does the Land Records Division have information about real estate tax assessments?

No. Tax assessment information can be found at the Department of Real Estate Assessments site. Questions about real estate assessments should be directed to the Department of Real Estate Assessments at 703-228-3920.

What requirements must a document meet in order to be admitted to record?

Documents submitted for recordation must comply with all mandatory recordation requirements set forth in the Code of Virginia. Learn about deeds conveying no more than four residential units. The party preparing the document must include a contact phone number on the first page of the document.

Does a coversheet need to accompany each document submitted for recordation?

Effective January 19, 2016 – Land Records cover sheets are no longer required

Are documents involving property located within the City of Falls Church recorded at the Arlington County Circuit Court?

Yes, documents involving real property located in Arlington and the City of Falls Church are recorded in the Arlington County Circuit Court’s Land Records Division. Prior to 1988, documents involving real property located in the City of Falls Church were recorded in the Fairfax County Circuit Court and remain there. Learn more at Land Records Research.

How should checks to the Clerk’s Office be payable?

Checks should be payable to “Clerk, Arlington Circuit Court.”

How can I research the status of title to a particular property? Are records available on line or by mail?

Land records research can be performed by the general public in person, online, or by mail.  Learn more at Land Records Research.

I want to make a change to the names on the deed to my property. How do I do that?

The parties named in a deed cannot be modified after the deed has been recorded. If you wish to change the status of the title to your property, a new deed that effectuates the desired change should be prepared and recorded. Learn more at Deed Modifications and Title Changes.

How do I change my mailing address that is on file with the Department of Real Estate Assessments?

Your address can be changed by completing and submitting Change of Address for Tax Billing form.

Does the Land Records Division provide form deeds?

No, the appropriate language in a deed varies depending on the circumstances of each situation, and as a result there are no form deeds available. The Land Records Division staff cannot provide involving what language should be included in a deed, nor an opinion on the legal implications of language contained in a deed that has been recorded. Learn more at Deed Modifications and Title Changes.

Does the Land Records Division provide forms of any documents?

Yes – go to to the Land Records Forms page.

I paid off the loan on my home. What do I need to do to make sure this is reflected in the land records?

Often nothing. A Certificate of Satisfaction is the only thing that needs to be recorded to show that a loan has been paid off, and within ninety days after a loan is paid off, the lender should cause a Certificate of Satisfaction to be filed in the land records. Learn more at Paid-off Loans.

How do I determine the Real Property Code (RPC) number for a specific property?

For property located in Arlington County, use Arlington’s Property Data Search. For property located in the City of Falls Church, use the Falls Church Real Estate Assessment Information Database. Follow the instructions on the sites to locate information about the correct property. The RPC number, which is 8 digits, will be identified on the property’s information page.

I need a survey or plat of my property. Can I get a copy from the Land Records Division?

The Land Records Division does not have surveys or plats for individual properties, but the purchaser might. Learn more.

Does the Clerk’s Office have information about foreclosure sales?

No. In Virginia, although foreclosure sales are often held on a courthouse’s steps, the court is usually not involved with the sale and cannot provide information about upcoming sales. If you are seeking information about a sale that you saw advertised, it is suggested that you contact the law firm or other party that is conducting the sale. The party conducting the sale is usually referenced in the advertisement.

Does the Land Records Division have information about vital records?

Does the Clerk’s Office provide notary services?

No, the Clerk’s Office staff cannot notarize a document for you. The Sheriff’s Office located on the 9th floor of the Arlington Courthouse does, however, usually have notary services available for a fee during its business hours.

What is the cost to file a judgment and/or obtain a copy of a judgment?

See the Judgments section for information about fees, which vary based on the type of judgment filed.

Are Financing Statements filed at the Land Records Division?

Yes, the Land Records Division handles the filing of Financing Statements and Financing Statement Amendments (i.e. assignment, change, continuation, or termination). Financing Statement forms are located on the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s website.