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Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families


Creating an Arlington where all young people are cared for, valued and receive the support they need to become contributing, caring adults.

Imagine the difference each of us could make if we took the time every day to connect meaningfully with a child. Imagine a community where all young people's needs are met and their voices heard. Strengthening the bonds of our community -- and providing a network of support for its youngest members -- is what the Arlington Partnership is all about.

The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families was created as a result of recommendations made by the citizen led Arlington Task Force on Youth. The Partnership operates on the underlying philosophy that building Developmental Assets in our children and youth will help them become caring and contributing adults. The Partnership focuses on three primary goals:

  • Research and Assess Community Needs:  The Partnership identifies the specific need of children, youth, and families utilizing two surveys administered to Arlington students: Student Life/Assets Survey, and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.
    • The publication of the Community Report Card utilizes the survey and other data to compile a comprehensive profile of the status of Arlington children, youth and families.
  • Create a Community Agenda: The Partnership convenes members of the community, nonprofit organizations, County agencies, Arlington schools, and others to discuss the needs of the Arlington Community and act as catalyst for action toward solutions. The recommended solutions are then taken forward as policy recommendations to the Arlington County Board and Arlington County Public School Board.
  • Create Collaboratives: The Partnership works with the Arlington community to bring agencies and organizations to the table to find solutions to identified needs.

Current Programs and Initiatives

  • Developmental Assets: The Partnership is working with the community and specifically with County agencies and youth service providers to promote the 40 Developmental Assets. Developmental Assets are essential relationships, experiences, skills and values ALL kids need and that ALL adults can help develop. Please contact Mary Ann Moran (703) 228-1671 for more information about how you can build Developmental Assets in children and youth.

  • : is a website that provides Arlington youth with information about events and activities, getting help during a crisis, finding a job or volunteer opportunity and more.  Website content is written by a staff of interns who update content regularly.  Send an e-mail or go to
  • Teen Network Board: A group of Teens talking about teen issues, making recommendations, and taking action to improve the lives of Arlington Youth.
  • Early Childhood Initiative: The Partnership is working with the Arlington/Alexandria School Readiness Council, which includes childcare providers, schools, and government agencies, to improve the availability, access, and quality of pre-school programs
  • Carlin Springs Community School: In collaboration with Carlin Springs Elementary School the Partnership is working to bring a range of academic, health and social-emotional resources to families.
  • Connect with Kids Champions: The Partnership gives annual awards recognizing adults who have a positive impact on Arlington children and youth.

Reports and Resources (in English and Spanish)

  • Raising Teens: Produced in partnership with Arlington Independent Media these DVDs provide developmental information and tools for parents raising teenagers.
  • Risk Behavior Brochures: This brochure series gives parents information about risky behavior among teens, such as depression or bullying, and provides tips for parents on how to prevent the problem and where to go for help.

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