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Aging and Disability Services


Customer Service Center :: 703-228-1700
Conducts assessments and provides service plans for individuals 60 years of age and older who, because of their age, frailty, medical condition or living situation, are at risk of institutionalization in a hospital, nursing home or shelter.

Adult Protective Services :: 703-228-1700
Investigates reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation and initiates protective services.
To make a report after-hours, call the State Hotline at 1-888-832-3858.

Arlington Agency on Aging :: 703-228-1700
Part of a national network of over 670 Area Agencies on Aging established by the federal Older Americans Act to ensure that older people live as an integral part of society in dignity and with access to programs and services that meet their needs and preferences.

Social Services for Seniors and Adults With Disabilities :: 703-228-1700
Prevents premature institutionalization of persons who are frail, older or have disabilities. Services enable people to remain safely in their home as long as possible. When staying at home is no longer feasible, social workers assist in finding the least restrictive setting that will meet the client's needs.

Senior Adult Mental Health Services :: 703-228-1700
Promotes or enhances independent living of persons 60 years of age and older through stabilization of their mental illness or emotional disturbance. The program includes comprehensive assessments, medication services, psychotherapy, case coordination, outreach and consultation. Home-based services are available.

Regional Older Adults Facilities Mental Health Support Team (RAFT) :: 703-449-6306
RAFT serves individuals with mental illness, age 65 and over, who are ready for discharge from a state psychiatric hospital by providing geriatric mental health services needed to maintain stability in the community and prevent a return to the state hospital. 

 Volunteer Guardianship Program :: 703-228-1700
Volunteers serve as court appointed guardians, conservators, representative payees and bill payers for adults who are limited in their inability to manage their personal and financial affairs and who have no one else to help. 

Personal Advocate Program :: 703-228-1700
Volunteers assist Arlington residents 60 and older (and their families or other caregivers) in identifying and accessing community resources, making sense of medical bills and Medicare/Medicaid statements or long term care insurance policies, or helping meet other needs. 

Nursing Case Management :: 703-228-1700
The Nursing Case Management unit helps people achieve and maintain an optimal level of health and well being in the community through home visits to older adults who have disabilities or who have multiple chronic illnesses, and live in their own homes. Physician's referral is required.

Financial Assistance :: 703-228-1350
A number of programs are available to County residents. Eligibility varies by program.
:: Housing Grants (Rent Relief)
:: Real Estate Tax Relief
:: Homeowner Grants
:: Food Stamps / Medicaid / TANF

Walter Reed Adult Day Health Care Center :: 703-228-5340
This day health program in a protected environment helps impaired senior adults maintain their maximum level of independence and  remain in the community as long as possible. Services include health care monitoring, nursing care and support, personal care, therapeutic recreation, special therapies, nutritional guidance, breakfast, lunch, snacks and support for family and caregivers.

Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services :: 703-228-1700
Promotes maximum independence of Arlington County residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and assists them and their families in accessing and maintaining appropriate services that enable them to participate and remain safely in the community. Includes assistance to eligible persons in finding residential and vocational placements.

Senior Centers With Meals
Three senior centers have half-day programs that offer physical and mental stimulation for older adults in need of a supportive environment, but not a protected health setting. Activities include specially designed exercises, group discussions, counseling services, health education and screening, and recreation programs. The centers provide a hot noon-time meal that meets one-third of the daily nutritional requirement.

Office of Human Rights, EEO and ADA :: 703-228-7096
Promotes maximum independence for persons with disabilities by providing technical assistance for the removal of barriers to County programs, services and facilities. The office has the lead responsibility of ensuring that the County government complies with federal and state disability mandates including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


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Aging and Disability Services
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