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Aging America LogoThe Arlington Agency on Aging serves Arlington residents aged 60 and older by providing to them and their families, friends and caregivers information on, assistance in accessing, and referrals to services and resources available for older residents of Arlington County. The goal of the Agency on Aging is to promote the maximum level of independence of persons 60 and older, and to ensure that older Arlington residents live as an integral part of society, with dignity and with access to programs and services that meet their needs and preferences.

The Arlington Agency on Aging is part of a national network of over 670 Area Agencies on Aging established under the Federal Older Americans Act to improve the quality of life for older persons by creating a network that maintains a holistic view of aging. The Area Agencies on Aging are mandated to "...foster the development and implementation of comprehensive and coordinated systems to serve older individuals..."


Under the Older Americans Act, each Area Agency on Aging shall "conduct efforts to facilitate the coordination of community-based, long-term care services designed to retain individuals in their homes, thereby deferring unnecessary, costly institutionalization..." In pursuit of this mission, the Arlington Agency on Aging:

  • Provides information on, assistance in accessing, and referrals to services and resources available for older persons in Arlington County, to older residents, their families and caregivers, current service providers, and the general public;
  • Provides direct services to older persons;
  • Advocates for the needs of older persons;
  • Acts as a catalyst for the development of new, needed services, tracking federal, state and regional aging issues, analyzing local trends, and providing input wherever appropriate;
  • Educates the public about aging issues and creates mechanisms for the public to raise additional issues;
  • Fosters communication among existing service providers and related agencies;
  • Works with direct service providers to improve and enhance service quality;
  • Manages the Older Americans Act and related state funds that come to the Agency on Aging.  

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Includes Senior Centers and housing options:

  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Senior Apartments
  • Nursing Homes



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Do you have the heart to make a difference in the lives of older Arlingtonians? 

Volunteer with the Personal Advocate Service to help people 60 and over negotiate the maze of information about medical insurance and aging services. Read more>>

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