Planning Areas

Arlington has three primary planning corridors located along major transportation routes: the two Metrorail Corridors, Rosslyn-Ballston and Richmond Highway, and Columbia Pike. Each of these areas has been the subject of intensive study, and we have plans in place to help guide any future development. In addition, we develop plans for each area of the county where development is likely to occur or where special planning processes are needed to address specific areas or issues, such as affordable housing or commercial revitalization. Sector, area or neighborhood plans guide development in each of these planning areas:

Metrorail Corridors

Within each Metrorail Corridor, sector plans for each of the seven Metro Station Areas were created to guide development and enhance the character of each neighborhood. Generally, high-density development is concentrated within a one-quarter-mile radius of each station entrance.

Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Metro Station Areas

Richmond Highway Corridor Metro Station Areas

Columbia Pike Corridor

A neighborhood area plan for Columbia Pike outlines planning policies to guide future development activities.

Other Planning Areas

Outside of the primary planning corridors, there are five additional areas where the County Board has adopted specific land-use policies and plans to guide development and preserve the defining neighborhood characteristics.