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A multifamily property is defined as any property with three or more dwellings, such as apartments or condos or a townhouse development that doesn’t receive the County’s trash or recycling services. Although residents of multifamily properties do not receive County trash, recycling and yard waste services, they are still required to recycle. 

Property owners & managers are responsible for providing recycling systems and meeting recycling requirements per Arlington County Code Chapter 10: Trash, Recycling and Care of Premises 

Resources for Residents

Resources for Property Owners/Managers

Guidelines: Recyclable Materials

What are businesses and multi-family residences required to recycle?

  • Cardboard
  • Mixed paper (magazines, newspapers, office paper, etc.)
  • Metal/aluminum
  • Glass (bottles and jars)
  • Plastic (food and beverage containers as well as rigid plastic containers)

Arlington County recommends a “single-stream” collection program. Similar to the County’s residential recycling program(JPEG, 707KB), single-stream means that all recyclable materials are collected in one container. Dual-stream, which is the less preferred method, is the collection of recyclable materials in separate, designated containers.

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