Eviction Prevention

Arlington County’s housing and rental assistance programs seek to help tenants facing eviction.

What if I can’t pay my rent?
Contact your landlord as soon as possible. Ask if partial payments are accepted until the rent is paid in full. If so, write out a payment plan that reflects what you can afford. For additional help with rent and expenses, contact 703-228-1300 or contact the Virginia Rent Relief Program.

Can I be evicted?
Check the County website for updates. Your landlord cannot evict you or ask you to leave your residence for having COVID-19 or while seeking medical assistance.

Eviction Process

If you are a tenant, your landlord must follow the legal eviction process as outlined below.
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Navigating the eviction process during COVID-19 timeline


Are you at risk of eviction?

What You Can Do

Talk to your landlord immediately to try to resolve the problem. Find out why you are being evicted. The law does not require the landlord to tell you why unless the reason is unpaid rent. If you are being evicted for unpaid rent, you will need to give your landlord a reasonable schedule for paying past as well as future rent. See the following links to see if they will apply to you:

Appear in court unless the Landlord cancels the summons in writing. You will lose your case if you do not go to court on the date on the Unlawful Detainer. You are not required to have an attorney, but the landlord will have an attorney in court.

Eviction Prevention Services

Contact Information Purpose
Housing Information Center
For basic questions regarding counseling and other eviction prevention resources available to Arlington tenants help with translating information.
Clerk of the Court
Request a change to the court date.
Legal Services of Northern Virginia (LSNV)
For tenants and homeowners needing legal assistance; provides information about free legal aid for people with low to moderate incomes.
Department of Human Services
Emergency Rental Assistance
Virginia Poverty Law Center’s Eviction Helpline
Questions or concerns around evictions in Virginia