Hunters Park

Providing housing for seniors

Hunter’s Park is a shining example of high-quality affordable housing. It’s located in the heart of Cherrydale, within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants and public transportation. The building features a rooftop garden terrace, a library, computer rooms, and a great room with a cozy fireplace that provides the perfect gathering place for special events.>For nearly 85 Arlington seniors, it’s Home Sweet Home.

This affordable housing complex serves seniors, 62 years and older, with incomes less than 60 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI),approximately $45,000 in 2015 for a single person. >Yet even affordable housing can be a stretch for seniors on fixed incomes. Most of the residents here receive some type of housing assistance: 32 receive Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8) and another 31 receive monthly assistance from the County’s Housing Grants program. The average age of residents here is 75.

exterior of multi-level sandstone building

Hunter’s Park offers its senior residents an affordable one-bedroom apartment and a whole lot more, which may explain why 80 percent of residents have stayed in the complex since it opened in 2005. Residents can choose to participate in a wide range of activities, such as walking, knitting, gardening and book clubs. They also have access to community services delivered right to their doorstep, including on-site health screenings, senior classes and food donations.

Creating opportunities

Building affordable housing in a highly desirable urban community like Arlington is no easy feat. Demand for housing is high and so are costs. The County works with developers and community partners to preserve and develop affordable housing.

"Affordable Housing is such an integral part of a community’s overall health and well-being,” says Celia Slater, communications manager at AHC,Inc. “It’s more than just a roof over someone’s head. It’s giving people an opportunity to build a better future."

Patio area with wooden table and white wooden terrace in background

AHC has been building affordable housing since 1975 and has completed 22 projects in Arlington. Completing the $12.8 million Hunter’s Park development required some creative financing. AHC lined up financing from numerous sources, including a $2 million loan from Arlington County.

Hunter’s Park was also the first development to utilize Arlington’s C-2 site plan zoning for commercial mixed-use development. When AHC developed Hunter’s Park, they transformed the block by replacing an aging strip mall with an attractive four-story building that contains ground-floor retail space.


When it was built, Hunter’s Park was selected by Affordable Housing Finance magazine as one of five nationwide finalists in the area of new senior developments.

The complex received a 2012 PACE Award from the Property Management Association, and was noted for the pristine condition of the property and grounds, resident amenities, a wide range of community activities, among other things.

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