The Studios

The LAC Studio program is designed specifically for individuals working at advanced levels in ceramics and printmaking.  No ongoing instruction is given.  Participants are expected to be able to function independently with regard to their own work, as well as to perform the technical tasks essential to the operation as a whole. LAC is also dedicated to maintaining the lowest possible studio fees and high quality equipment and services.


Ceramics Application(DOC, 786KB)
Printmaking Studio Application(DOCX, 764KB)
Studio Membership Fees 2022(PDF, 503KB)

In order to ensure LAC membership is affordable for all qualified members, Cultural Affairs is offering fee reductions based on HUG Section 8 income limits for total household income and size.

Ceramics Studio

The LAC has a fully equipped ceramics studio with two large work rooms, glaze kitchen, and kiln room. Membership includes 1 personal storage shelf and up to two 5-gallon buckets for storing clay.

Ceramics Studio Manual(PDF, 253KB)


* 14 Brent Wheels
* 1 Amaco Handicap Accessible Wheel
* 1 Shimpo pug mill
* 1 Brent 36” slabroller
* 1 Amaco spray booth
*  Compressor
* 1 Baileys Extruder
* 3 L&L Electric Kilns (6.5 cubic feet)
* 2 Electric Kilns (Cress – 1.5 cubic feet and Paragon .53 cubic feet)
* 1 Natural Gas Downdraft Kiln (approx. 23 cubic feet Load space)
* RAKU Equipment
* Glaze formulation facilities
Instructions for Lighting and Firing the LAC Kiln

Printmaking Studio

The LAC Printmaking Studio is designed specifically for individuals working at advanced levels in printmaking and offers facilities for etching, aquatint, relief, silkscreen, aluminum-plate lithography, monoprint, and limited bookmaking. No ongoing instruction is given. Participants are expected to be able to function independently with regard to their own work. They are also expected to perform the technical tasks necessary to the operation of the studio as a whole. Membership includes two flat files and one cubby for storage.

Printmaking Studio Manual(PDF, 185KB)

*   28’ x 33’ studio with good northern light and excellent full room ventilation
*   Rembrandt elephant printing press ( 30″ x 50″ bed )
*   Charles Brand Press (24″ x 48″ bed)
*   Fisher Scientific Fumehood
*   Light Exposure unit with large vacuum table ( 42″ x 32″)
*   Hot Plate ( 24″ x 36″)
*   Rollers in all sizes, including viscosity rollers
*   Flat files and drying racks
*   Paper cutters
*   Power washer for cleaning silk screens
*   Vertical etching tank for ferric chloride (18″ x 24″)
*   Capacity for etching with nitric acid
*   Non-toxic grounds: Hardground -Future floor wax
*   Softground- water based relief ink
*   Wood block press equipment for relief printing with water-based or oil based ink


Studio membership fees are collected every three months. New members may join on a space available basis; fees for mid-session enrollment will be prorated.  A waiting list is maintained for those persons desiring to join the Studio program who have demonstrated that they possess the technical ability to function independently in the studio.   Payment is due quarterly on January 1, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st. of every year. If payment is not made within 2 weeks of the due date membership may be forfeit. All late payments will be subject to a $20 late payment fee. Members will be notified by e-mail a week before their bill is sent by mail that the bill will be arriving. If you do not receive your bill within a week of the e-mail notice please contact the LAC office.

Studio Facilities

Members have full access to the studio facilities during studio hours. Full members receive all LAC communications and can participate in all studio activities such as potlucks, member workshops, sales and shows.
Studio Members Please Note…
Check here for dates that the Studios are unavailable for use by artists due to scheduled workshops, programs or public holidays.


Cultural Affairs resumed limited hours for LAC members beginning February 7, 2022.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday & Thursday: 10:00am-4:00pm
Wednesday & Friday: 3:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Studio hours may be modified from time to time in order to accommodate Master Workshops or recreation classes. The LAC is closed on all federal holidays. In case of inclement weather, please call 703.228.7199 for community center closings.

For further information please call 703.228.0560