Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3)


What is Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3)

Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport (ET3) is voluntary EMS model that will provide greater flexibility for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to address emergency health care needs. This EMS model allows citizens to access the most appropriate emergency services at the right time and place.

What Changes Will I See As A Citizen With ET3?

There are several significant changes that citizens can expect with the implementation of ET3. 

  1. Alternative Transport Options.
    With Alternative Transport Options available to the Arlington County Fire Department, our ambulances are now able to transport citizens to urgent cares in addition to the traditional transport to an Emergency Department. 
  2. Treatment in Place (TIP)
    TIP allows citizens to speak with a Qualified Healthcare Professional (QHP) via a telehealth consultation. TIP brings the QHP to wherever the patient is currently, rather than having the patient travel to see the QHP.
  3. Cost Savings
    ET3 allows the ACFD to match the need of the patient, to the right type of medical care. This allows the patient to potentially avoid costly hospital and transport bills. 
  4. Time Savings
    By being able to match the need of the patient with the right type of medical care, a transport to an alternative destination such as an urgent care or by seeing a QHP in real time can potentially the patient valuable time that may have been spent in a hospital waiting room.

What Is The Age Range For Treatment In Place

To qualify for Treatment in Place (TIP) the patient must be 18 or older, or have parental/guardian consent.

Will I Still Get A Bill For Treatment In Place?


Do I Need A Smartphone or Internet

No, The ACFD will bring our own devices to initiate the Treatment in Place (TIP) call.

Who Is Considered A Qualified Healthcare Provider?

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants. 

If I Call 911, Is the Fire Department Still Showing Up?

Yes, all patients who call 911 will still get a baseline medical evaluation and assessment to see if the patient fits within the parameters for ET3. 

Can I Refuse To Participate In ET3?





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