Strengthening Legitimacy with our Community with a new Trust Policy

In 2021, the County Board began work on the development of an Arlington County Trust Policy. The intent of this policy is to adopt and communicate safeguards such that members of our community can interact with their local government, free from concerns about immigration action by the federal government. 

Community Conversations with the County Board

In November of 2021, the County Board hosted a series of listening sessions to learn more from members of our community regarding their experience with government, including including interactions with human services, housing, law enforcement, transportation and other services – and how County government can increase trust and respect in these experiences.

Below are translated summaries of each of the sessions:

Draft Trust Policy

The Draft Trust policy can be viewed by clicking any of the links below:

Next Steps

The Board is composing a final draft policy, to be presented at the June County Board meeting. During the meeting, there will be opportunity for members of the public to offer comment. You may register to speak on the policy approximately one week before the meeting by using the meeting registration links at the top of the County Board Homepage.

Following comment, discussion on the item will be closed, and the draft policy will be continued to the July County Board Meeting for a final vote by the Board. There will be no further comments heard at the July meeting.