Media Contacts

County Managers Office of Communication and Public Engagement 

2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 314, Arlington, VA 22201
TEL: 703-228-3120
TTY: 703-228-4611

Reporters: For urgent help (including after-hours, weekends and holidays), contact the Communications Duty Officer by calling 703-228-3936. Leave a voicemail with your name, phone number, and subject you’re calling about. This number does not receive text messages.

Email: Erika Moore, Acting Assistant County Manager for Communications & Public Engagement
Phone: 703-228-3551 

Email: Ryan Hudson, Communications Director
Phone: 703-228-3311

Community Planning, Housing & Development

Email: Rachel LaPiana, Acting Director of Communications and Public Engagement
Phone: 703-228-0059

Email: Elise Cleva, Communications Specialist
Phone: 703-228-5027

County Board Office

County Board Office: 703-228-3130

Email: David Barrera, Communications and Policy Manager
Phone: 703-228-3121

Economic Development

Email: Kelly Rindfusz, Director of Communications
Phone: 703-228-0890

Environmental Services

Email: Katie O’Brien, Director Communications and Public Engagement
Phone: 703-228-4952

Email: Peter Golkin, Communications Specialist
Phone: 703-228-3346

Fire Department

Email: Nate Hiner, Fire/EMS Captain -Communications Specialist
Phone: 571-242-0271

On-call PIO can be reached at or 703-228-5566

Human Services

Email: Kurt Larrick, Assistant to DHS Director, Communications Director
Phone: 703-228-1775


Email: Anneliesa Alprin, Communications Manager
Phone: 703-228-6329

Parks and Recreation

Email: Jerusalem Solomon, Communications Manager
Phone: 703-407-9917


Email: Ashley Savage, Communications Manager
Phone: 703-228-4331

Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management

Email: Laura Binz, Communications and Public Affairs Manager
Phone: 703-473-4878

Public Schools

Email: Catherine Ashby, Assistant Superintendent, School & Community Relations
Phone: 703-228-6003

Email: Frank Bellavia, Director of Communications
Phone: 703-228-6004

Technology Services

Email: Shannon Whalen-McDaniel
Phone: 703-228-3685