Single-Family or Duplex Property Utilities


For general inquiries, call 703-228-6570 or send an email.

Call 703-228-6570, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to set up a new utilities accounts for these County services. There is a $25 water turn-on fee for new accounts, which is reflected on the first quarterly bill. If applicable, consider putting your spouse or significant other’s name on the utility account. Only named account holders may make future changes. If you’re renting a house in Arlington and wish to have the account in your name,  have the owner’s name, telephone number, and mailing address ready when you call to set up the account. For changes to existing accounts only, use the Name Change Request form.

  • Billing and rate details — For water, sewer, refuse, recycling services
  • Trash collection details — What’s accepted, bulk pickup, carts and weight limits, report missed or partial pickup, cart repairs.
  • Recycling details — What’s required and accepted, how to recycle, what happens to recyclables, report missed or partial pickup, cart requirements.

Connecting Your Utilities: For a Multi-Family Property

For general inquiries, call 703-228-6570 or send an email.

Utility Accounts (Water, Sewer, Refuse/Recycling): Contact your landlord, HOA, or other management agency for information on paying these utility fees.

Refuse: Contact your landlord, HOA, or other management agency for information on proper refuse disposal.

Refuse & Recycling Collection: Contact your landlord, HOA, or other management agency for information on refuse and recycling collection. All multi-family properties are required to recycle the following materials:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard (no size restrictions)
  • Glass (bottles and jars)
  • Metal household items (large household appliances, bicycles, cabinets, doors, grills, iron furniture, etc.)
  • Metal cans
  • Mixed paper (cardboard, magazines, newspapers, office paper, etc.)
  • Plastic

More details on recyclable materials, including Christmas trees.


Other Services

For general inquiries, call 703-228-6570 or email.

Refuse Special Pickups & Recycling Drop-Off Centers: Arlington County does not own, operate, or maintain a dump or transfer station. All refuse must be disposed of through curbside trash collection or a pick-up request. Schedule a special pick-up.

All recycling must be recycled through curbside recycling or dropped off at a Drop-off Center. Arlington County operates two recycling Drop-off Centers that are available to residents 24/7:

  • North Arlington at Quincy Park (N. Quincy Street and Washington Boulevard)
  • South Arlington (corner of Columbia Pike and S. Four Mile Run)

Mulch: Free leaf and wood mulch is available for pick-up to all Arlington County residents. The mulch can also be delivered for a fee.

Leaf Collection: The County collects and recycles leaves every year through two different methods: biodegradable bags and vacuum truck passes. Leaf bags are collected on the next business day after your regular trash collection day. Paper leaf bags are available at most hardware stores. Free leaf bags are also available at several County locations on a seasonal basis. Find out details on leaf collection.

Snow Removal: Arlington County clears snow from County-maintained roads, and County and Schools property. VDOT clears state roads. During snowfall, snow crews concentrate only on keeping main arteries passable for emergency vehicles and public transportation. After snowfall, snow crews concentrate on clearing snow from all streets for general public use as promptly as possible. Neighborhood streets are cleared last. Details on snow-clearing at the Snow & Ice Central website.

The County also has a Snow Removal Ordinance that requires all Arlington property owners to clear snow and ice from public sidewalks adjacent to their property within a designated time period. Details on the Snow Removal Ordinance