Income and Expense Survey

Arlington County’s Department of Real Estate Assessments collects and analyzes information for the annual reassessment of real estate. Under the authority of the Code of Virginia (58.1-3294), DREA request that owners of income-producing real estate in Arlington County submit the Income and Expense Survey attributable to the property over the previous January to December to each such parcel of real estate.

The Income and Expense Survey information which is provided will be kept confidential in accordance with Virginia Code 58.1-3. If there is a willful failure to furnish statements of income and expenses in a timely manner to the department, the owner of such parcel of real estate shall be deemed to have waived his or her right in any proceeding contesting the assessment to utilize such income and expenses as evidence of fair market value (Code of Virginia 15.2-716).

All Income and Expense Survey must be certified with the signature of the owner, an officer of the corporation, or the duly authorized agent of the owner. If the survey is certified by an agent, an express authorization from the owner to do so must be submitted with the statement.

Important Dates

March 1st – Income and Expense Survey due date

April 17th – Board of Equalization appeals filing deadline.  Use or consideration of any such Income and Expense Survey in a complaint before a board of equalization pursuant to § 58.1-3379, must be submitted to the board no later than the appeal filing deadline of such board.

Downloading the Form

For PDF fillable forms, right-click the pdf fillable link, save it to your computer, open Acrobat Reader and use File>Open to open the form. You may email the saved form to us at Income and Expense forms must be signed and dated if sent by email and/or mailed to our office.

You may download print forms, fill out and email them to Print forms must be signed and dated if sent by email and/or mailed to our office.

The Department of Real Estate Assessments is transitioning to electronic survey I & E data collection through our secure online customer portal. To register and use our online system, please visit:

Income & Expense (I&E) information must be entered on a provided survey form and remain in the same format as provided. If you are unable to complete the survey electronically, you may complete the online "fillable" PDF version below.


Apartment - Print PDF(PDF, 483KB); Fillable PDF(PDF, 548KB) 

Hotel - Print PDF(PDF, 570KB)Fillable PDF(PDF, 714KB)

Office - Print PDF(PDF, 1MB)Fillable PDF(PDF, 1MB)

General Commercial - Print PDF(PDF, 825KB)Fillable PDF(PDF, 1MB) 

Health Care - Print PDF(PDF, 660KB)(PDF, 1MB)Fillable PDF(PDF, 1MB)

Agent Letter of Authorization to Represent Applicant