Affirmative Action Plan and Barrier Analysis

Affirmative Action (AAP) Plan 

The Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) are designed to implement the EEO Policy and increase diversity in the workforce, leveling the playing field for minorities , women, individuals with disabilities, and other protected groups. Plans are updated each year with a strategy for recruiting, employing and promoting a diverse workforce.

Past AA Plans

Barrier Analysis Report

The purpose of a Barrier Analysis is to identify any root causes of disparities in equal employment opportunities so that organizations can take cation to remedy the policies, procedures, or practices that lead to such disparities. A barrier can be an agency policy, principle, or practice that may limit employment opportunities for members of a particular sex, race, or ethnic background or based on a an individual’s disability stratus.

Arlington County Barrier Analysis

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy

EEO prohibits discrimination against all parties in the workplace. It ensures that all job applicants - regardless of race, gender or ethnicity - have a fair opportunity in the hiring process, as well as in competing for promotions and accessing professional development opportunities.

Arlington County EEO Policy